A Single Girl’s Valentines – Man Candy

So, I’m on the road to recovery after have the flu! Yes, the full blown flu. Four days in bed, no eating, even now I have very little appetite and painful sinuses but yesterday I had to return to society (sort of, I spent most of the day lying on my mum’s couch reading) and today I have had to face the world properly in the form of a grocery shop. Maybe that’ll encourage me to eat a bit more. 
I thought i’d do another one in my mini series A Single Girl’s Valentines, a nice fun one, filled with beautiful looking men. Because who doesn’t enjoy Man Candy before bed? 
As a single girl, I more than need to get your fill of someone gorgeous, right? Whether your tastes are men, women or you like to look at both, with being single you’re more inclined to look around, especially in the world of the rich and famous (and especially if you don’t get out the house much to look at real people, a bit like me). My preference is men, so I thought i’d share you some of my favourite celeb eye candy. There are no Ryan Gosling, Leo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy’s here though!  They’re really not my type..
At the moment, topping my list is Michael Raymond-James
Michael Raymond-James plays Neal Cassidy/Baelfire in my favourite tv show ever, Once Upon a Time. Since he first appeared on screen I’ve been besotted with his laid back style, his ridiculously sexy accent and his adorable smile. Not only that, but I follow him on twitter and he seems a genuinely down to earth guy. That’s always a winner for me. I love the way he looks, dresses and well I do love Neal in Once Upon a Time, if they ever decide to kill him off I’m going to be inconsolable. I need my MRJ fix. 
Next up is sexy Scottish actor Emun Elliott.
Just look at that smile! Ever since I became hooked on BBC period drama The Paradise while I lived with my parents I have made a point of watching everything that Emun Elliott is in. My mum and sister know of how completely besotted I am with him, especially as Mr Moray in the Paradise although I’ve liked him in everything I’ve seen him in. I loved his accept in Strawberry Fields, I was devastated for him in Game of Thrones when they cut his tongue out and he’s so funny and cute in Threesome. If you need more proof, look at this.
And the one I’ve never quite understood, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I’ve never quite understood my crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt that has spanned well over a decade now, since I first saw him as Cameron in 10 Things I Hate About You (although at the time I definitely fancied Heath Ledger more, but still, there was something adorable about Cameron too). Over the years as I’ve watched him in more things, this crush has developed and now when I think of actors I would definitely go to bed with, he is definitely still a top condender. He’s also incredibly funny with a great sense of style.
The older man, Robert Downey Jr
After my foray into dating older men disaster, I vowed I’d never do the substantial amount of years thing again. However, Robert Downey Jr is my exception. If he knocked on my door tomorrow I’d be off like a shot. He is so gorgeous, funny and he’s proved he can pull himself up from the bottom, what an example to set as a father figure!? Every time I read an interview with him, I find myself liking him more. He’s definitely grown up since his wild days in the 90s. 
The newest celebrity crush, Aidan Turner
Every time I watch The Hobbit I get more and more obsessed with Aidan Turner, and he plays a DWARF! Yes, a dwarf. But he’s so bloody hot, and Irish for that matter. He also pulls some incredibly derpy faces which is cute as well as some great dark and brooding faces, which I like as well. Also, those dark curls and facial hair, what a win. I look forward to seeing him more, loads more actually. Put Aidan Turner in everything please!
Well, I think these five illustrate what type I’m into looks wise, dark hair, dark eyes and most of them have facial hair. Also some form of an accent is preferable, Irish, Scottish, a sexy American one (no idea why I’ve always found American accents sexy..) Australian, French, I’m there. Ha. 
So that’s my little list for you all. I’m sorry it’s not a longer post tonight but I’m still not feeling 100%. Plus I wanted to look at gorgeous men on my blog for once, not that I need any sort of excuse to that!
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