Neal and Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I took a night off from blogging last night as I just wanted to chill out, watch stuff on my iPad and eat Chinese take out. I feel no guilt in doing this once and a while especially when I’m as tired as I am at the moment. Who knew sleeping through the night was more exhausting than being awake all night?! I think it’s purely down to the fact Little Miss is so active these days that by the time I put her to bed at 7pm I’m ready to go to bed. I’ll hopefully feel different when the weather improves. Anyway, enough with my moany introduction, today I’m reviewing some more Neal and Wolf products. If you’re new to my blog you probably won’t know about my love for Neal and Wolf when it comes to looking after my locks, but they won my 2013 Beauty Awards in the hair care category because they were one of my favourite brand discoveries last year. They make amazing smelling products that really work on my unruly hair. And of course the cleansing shampoo and conditioner were no different. 
Neal & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo* RRP £11.50 // Neal & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Conditioner* RRP £12.50
As ever the bottles look impressive. Very professional and the squeeze downward facing tube means the product is always ready to be dispensed which is a bonus, especially if you have slippery wet hands in the shower. Nothing worse than shaking the bottle to get the product out and it flying out your hand landing on your toe or worse, out the bath or shower! I’m not quite sure why the conditioner bottle is smaller than the shampoo, especially when I find I use conditioner up so much faster than shampoo! But I honestly think that is my only complaint about these two products.
The Daily Cleansing Shampoo* smells fantastic which I think is down to the liquid shea extract. As I always say about all products I use, I like them to smell good and this really does. With an infusion of silk and milk proteins it’s designed to leave your hair fly away free and boost moisture. Both of these finishes are important for my hair. I really struggle with static hair and this shampoo really helps reduce that. Since I started dying my hair red I’ve found it quite dry so I do automatically go for shampoo that helps boost the moisture in my hair as I find this leaves a lovely shine. Neal and Wolf’s Daily Cleansing Shampoo is brilliant for this. It also leaves my hair so clean, what more can you want from shampoo? It retails for £11.50 which I’d say is mid-range for a professional shampoo and something I’d definitely consider paying for.
The Daily Cleansing Conditioner*, again smells great, exactly what I’d go for when choosing a hair product. But what I love the most about the conditioner is the formula. It’s not as heavy as some conditioners which I think leaves my hair much more manageable. This weightless conditioner means I can layer it on and leave it for a while and it works just as well as a hair mask. Again it is said to deliver a moisture boost and leave your hair with a beautiful shine, which I believe it does. Another great thing about this conditioner is it contains sunscreen which reduces damage to your hair caused by the sun! This will be a definite product to take with me when I go on holiday in the summer, I can see the August sun doing crazy things to my red colouring! It’s on sale for £12.50, which I definitely would pay, especially for the sunscreen and since it works well as a hair mask as well as simply a conditioner it’s a great example of two products in one. 
Once again, Neal and Wolf have won me over with their brilliant hair care products. I really would love to own the whole range as I just can’t get enough of their wonderful formulas and the way they smell, even on my hair! If you haven’t managed to catch my reviews of their Harmony Intensive Care Treatment, Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm and their Glow Super Shine Treatment, you can go back and have a read. I recommend them all.
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