A Wanderlust Wishlist – Where in the World?

Last year I won an absolute amazing competition with Travel Supermarket, it was their Holiday Postcards competition and the prize was £1000 in cash to go towards a dream holiday. If you haven’t seen my entry yet, you can read it here. It was an amazing prize to win, and I feel so blessed that I did.. however for the life of me I can’t decided where I want to go since there are so many places in the world I really want to visit and this is a once in a life time opportunity as my parents have agreed to take Little Miss for 10 days as she’s not up to long haul flights or hot climates yet. For my birthday next month I’m also only getting money to go towards this adventure from my family. Exciting, huh? 
So today I’m sharing my top choices with you, and eventually when I start to book things and make plans, I’ll be sure to share it on the blog. 
1. Orlando, Florida


My first choice for any adventure will always be Orlando, Florida. Disney World, in particular Magic Kingdom is where my heart truly resides. I haven’t been since I was fourteen, which is almost twelve years ago but my happiest memories are there. I want to take Little Miss when she’s older as at two I don’t believe she would a) enjoy it, b) be able to cope with the flight and c) be able to cope with the heat and the fact it’s such a busy holiday! Every year this is the place I want to go to most, this is the place I think about going most, and this is where I’d have every single holiday if I could! However, the only thing that’s stopping me using my winnings to go is the fact I don’t believe it can be a holiday that you could enjoy on your own. I’d want to share the magic of the place with someone, having someone to go on the rides on with and all importantly take my photo in front of Cinderella’s castle. I’d also look pretty sad wandering around the parks dressed up on my own, right? 

2. Vancouver, Canada


Oh Canada, oh Canada, a place I have always wanted to visit and Vancouver in particular as it seems like such an awesome city. Plus my FAVOURITE tv show Once Upon a Time is filmed there. I have a couple of friends who live in Whistler which is only a few hours away and I’d love to see them. The weather in the summer months is really good so it wouldn’t be as if I have to deal with the freezing temperature or god forbid, snow (I do not go on holiday to deal with snow!) What puts me off is the flight prices. You can’t really get a package holiday to Vancouver so I’d be paying for the flight and then the 10 days worth of hotel. It doesn’t make it a cheap holiday in the slightest. 

3. Townsville, Australia


Okay, even though I have a really bad fear of spiders, I’d still love to one day go to Australia especially to visit my cousin who lives in Townsville. Australia sounds absolutely amazing for a once in a life time trip, there is so much to do and see, and because i’d be going during their winter it wouldn’t be so hot that I’d end up with heat stroke. My cousin who lives out there, I’m really close to her, before I had Little Miss I’d even considered moving out to live with her as it seems to be the place to emigrate to. If I did go to Australia though I would also like to include a trip to Sydney, as Australia would be a once in a lifetime trip. The flight is not something I’d ever dream of putting Little Miss through until she was in her teenage years at least. Again, the flight cost is something that would seriously put me off, especially as my cousin doesn’t live in one of the major cities. On the upside I would have (for most of the trip) a place to stay which would keep that cost down. Also the ridiculously long flight, on my own, and stop overs.. I’d be terrified I ended up lost somewhere! 

4. Euro Trip 


In case I didn’t make it clear enough in my Paris posts… I love Europe. I think there are so many beautiful places right on our doorsteps, beautiful cities that are over looked for tourist spots. I’d love to hop around Europe, staying in hostels. At one point I’d asked my mum if she’d go interrailing with me during a rough patch she was having with my dad. I have a huge list of cities I want to visit in Europe and perhaps this £1000 could cross a few off? It’s definitely affordable after I saw so much of Paris on a budget, however there are a few things that have stopped me booking straight up.. it is affordable. I could see so much of Europe over the next few years by having short city breaks. In fact I know Hayley wants to do that and because I’m damn good at saving money, it’s something I could do without using my £1000. Also, I’d like to take Little Miss to see places as she gets older. There is no better education than actually experience it! In primary school you study ancient Greece and Rome, I’d love to take her there to see those places, even just for a few days. It seems silly doing it now when I can wait a few years and do it with Little Miss. 

5. East Coast USA


Not only do I love Europe, but I love the US. Over half my holidays abroad have been there and I just can’t get enough of it. I have so many places I want to visit, and one day I’d love to do a huge road trip (if I can marry someone with enough money to take Little Miss and I during the summer holidays!) Next to Florida, my favourite place is New York, and since I won this money writing about it, I wouldn’t mind going there, especially as I have a friend i’m desperate to visit. HOWEVER, I’d like to work it in with a short trip to Washington DC and Niagara Falls in upstate New York. I have friends I could meet up with while over there so I wouldn’t have to pay for hotels all the time. There is so much to keep me busy and a lot of the museums are free. The big cities are easy to get around due to the subway systems and of course everyone speaks English so even if I got lost I’d be able to ask for directions. It would be a trip of a lifetime to fit all of that into ten days, but after seeing Paris in two and a half, I know I could do it. 

If I wasn’t a single pringle I’m sure I’d be considering a beach holiday, or maybe even Thailand. I don’t fancy doing those sort of holidays on my own. I’d love to maybe see Hawaii, and LA is definitely on my to see list, but again, those are places I wouldn’t even consider for a second without having someone with me. Lying on a beach on my own just seems a little sad. I’d also love to go to Comic Con, or go to one of the dates for the Vans Warped Tour. I love travelling, I love adventures and I’m so excited that I have money to visit somewhere fantastic, I honestly wish seeing the world was something that could be part of my daily life, but alas, I have a little girl to bring up, but I really hope she’s inherited my spirit of adventure. 
Where would you go if you have £1000 for an adventure?
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