Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case Review

I have such a busy day with Little Miss today. We were out the house by ten and walking into town since the sun was shining for once. We spent a few hours trailing the shops, Little Miss wanted her cereal bars, she also needed more pull ups. I wanted to look around the charity shops for the rest of my outfit for my birthday Murder Mystery, and thankfully I did get everything woo! We had lunch in an old fish and chip shop since I’m pretty broke this week. It was Little Miss’ first experience of seaside chips and she seemed to enjoy them. Then we came home for housework, a bath (for her) and then I made fish chowder for dinner (recipe coming later on this week, it was so good!) Now I’m exhausted and ready for a hot shower before bed. But before I do that, I have a review for a phone case that I kindly made for my mum.

Mr Nutcase Galaxy S4 Mini Ultra Lightweight Slimline Case RRP £14.95*
When I heard through the power of social media that Mr Nutcase were looking for bloggers to review their products, I decided it was about time I finally got around to getting a new case for my mum’s phone. She has a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and until recently she had a cheap blue cover on it but due to it being from eBay it was so flimsy and it wasn’t long until one of the kids cracked it. She asked me back in January to replace it for her because she never knows what she’s looking for, but with one thing and another I still hadn’t got around to doing it when this opportunity cropped up. 
Mr Nutcase are a company that specialise in personalised phone and tablet covers. You can choose one of the already designed collections or you can make your own using photos, which is what I chose to do for my mum. I decided to go for the plastic case rather than the leather one in case it made it too bulky for my mum’s little hands. In the future if I get one for my father I think I’ll go for the leather cover as that is his preference, I think it’s great that you can choose between the two. Next you pick the layout you want your photos to be arranged in. There are designs such as hearts or spots, but I choose a simple 8 photo layout so I could put four photos of my daughter in and four of my nephew in. I know if my mum had anyone on a phone case she’d choose her grandchildren (or Nadal the tennis player, but I so wasn’t indulging her in that!)  I chose eight photos from Instagram and saved them to my laptop as they seemed to be a better fit than the photos i’ve taken on my camera. It was so easy to upload and arrange them on the phone, it even showed you were the hold for the camera would be so I could choose photos that would fit around that. The whole process was so simple that I think even my computer illiterate father could do it with ease.
The product took two days to arrive and my mum was thrilled with it. It’s made me consider personalised gifts for when mothers day rolls around rather just the generic book or dvd. The case feels pretty strong despite it being plastic and it’s already taken a few bumps from the kids being excited to see their faces on the back. The quality is fantastic! I was worried it would be quite grainy but it’s really not, even with using Instagram photos on it. My mum has been proudly showing it off and she likes being able to carry the kids everywhere with her. 
I think it’s a really lovely case and I’m pleased with it. I’d definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a unique gift to give someone. If I wasn’t so attached to my Rapunzel case I’d consider one for myself! 
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