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Spending Ban February Wishlist

Another month into my Spending Ban and I’m struggling. I’ve also fallen off the wagon a few times this month which I’m not proud of. I never knew I had such a compulsion to spend money on stuff I don’t really need! Alright so there wasn’t anything too expensive but I definitely feel some buyers remorse. A lot of it is stupid stuff, like I bought three nail varnishes while I was away last week before they were £3 and I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t, I also bought a mini Yankee candle because I’m running low and it was reduced to £5. I did fork out for La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + as my skin has been a complete state.. not sure if I’m impressed though! I also had a tiny spree in a charity shop the other day, I bought three books Tales of Beedle the Bard for 50p, Holy Fools & Songs of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons Part 2 for £1 each, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh DVD for 50p and a brand new with tags H&M cardigan for £4.99. I also bought Little Miss a rag doll for £1.99. I ended up buying the Anna mug from my last Spending Ban wishlist while I was away as well as two dresses and a skirt from the Primark sale (totalling £11 for all three). There have been other frivilous spends such as food from M&S on Valentines day as well as a book as a gift for Little Miss. I also bought train tickets away for my birthday, my outfit for the Murder Mystery while away although I said when I announced my spending ban that I wouldn’t be including those things. However, I managed to save my target amount and at the end of the day, I guess that’s all that matters.
Next month however is looking so busy! Next week I have two friends visiting and we’re heading out for dinner for my birthday. Then the week after is my birthday and I’m away again. Then if I can scrape together train ticket money I’ll be away the following week (with Little Miss) for my best friend’s boyfriends birthday, then a few days later Hayley arrives and we will be in Edinburgh for one of the days! Not to mention mothers day and my fathers birthday at the beginning of April! So I really am going to have to work hard to not spend! I have managed to get 6 MAC empties together to treat myself to a new lipstick & 5 black Lush pots for a new face mask and of course birthday money can go towards my savings so even when it’s looking tight, I think i’ll be okay. Especially if I can claw together some freelance work, a girl can hope… right?! I do have to buy some more hair dye though..
So onto the main event.. the February lust list. The things I’d want to buy if I wasn’t on a spending ban! I am trying to keep to one wishlist a month but with it being my birthday next month a second one couldn’t be avoided. 
When I first started to make this wishlist I was at a loss at what to put on it, but then I started remembering things I’ve seen and added to a basket before quickly closing the page over the last month. Like the Mean Girls inspired “You Can’t Sit With Us” sweater from In The Style. Firstly, I love the colour. That burgundy is gorgeous and I could imagine pairing it with my wet look leggings or leather skirt. I am of the Mean Girls era and I’m looking forward to celebrating it’s tenth anniversary in April by wearing pink (or this should I manage to own it by then!). Other apparel is this gorgeous grey tulle skirt from Topshop, I can’t believe it’s only £18! I actually had a dream I owned the most beautiful black tulle skirt and it was like my signature item of clothing but I can’t find one ANYWHERE. This grey one is the closest and I do think it’s beautiful. Finally, the necklace is another gorgeous piece from Ever Ours, I can’t believe it’s only £5! I’m really loving statement necklaces at the moment, they really finish an outfit when it doesn’t have a collar.
It wouldn’t be one of my wishlists without SOMETHING Disney on it, today it’s a new wallet. Anyone who knows me in person will know that for years now I have used a Loungefly Disney purse. First it was Snow White, then Alice and now it’s currently Cinderella. I can’t imagine ever using another kind of purse, they are just perfect. I pay ridiculous amounts of money to have one shipped from the USA and the two in my wishlist are the same. I’m torn between the Geeky Minnie Mouse one, because the picture is cute and I like the pastel colours, but also the Ariel one, but I’m not sure if I can pull off pin up Ariel. Either way, if I wasn’t on a spending ban, I’d be buying one as my Cinderella one is looking a bit worse for wear.
I surprisingly don’t really want anything beauty wise. I have plenty of hair care, skincare and make up to be going on with.. however I do so badly want to try some pieces from Lush’s Mother’s Day and Easter ranges, specifically the items above because from the description they’re the ones I’m most likely to love. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get some for Easter & Mother’s Day.
Finally, Little Miss’ doll push chair broke the other day and she was heart broken (the one at my house, not the one at my mothers). It was just a really cheap one I bought her when we moved into our house but she’s so into her dolls at the moment it’s had a lot of use. My dad thinks he can repair it but even if he does I think I’d keep it for garden use rather than indoors. Instead I’d love to invest in a beautiful wooden pram for her. She loves wooden toys (as do I) and she has had a lot of fun out of her easel, dolly cot and kitchen. Of course they’re so much more pricey, but we’ll see. If she can crack this potty training she might deserve a reward. I have my eye on this Daisy Doll’s Pram on Mulberry Bush. It’s a little pricey though…
What have you been lusting after this month?
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