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When I was contacted asking if I’d like to take part in a Blogger Cook Off Challenge I jumped at the chance. I LOVE cook off challenges and this seemed right up my street. Anyway, for a bit of background information, the Kick My Habits research with Leeds Building Society shows that the average Brit spends £17.34 per week on eating out which racks up to an amazing £901.68! My challenge is to create a fun meal in for £10, saving myself £7.34 which over a year would mean an extra £382 in my pocket (to spend on other things of course!) 
Even though I have a kid and don’t eat out in the evening, I am terrible for eating out during the day. It’s just for easiness really, and the fact I love to eat out! I always have and it’s something I struggle to give up. However, seeing the savings in figures really has made me think on what I spend weekly on dinners out. £382 is nearly the amount it cost me to go to Paris last year, including spending money! Looking at it like that, it really makes me want to have fun meals at home instead of sitting in a restaurant purely so I don’t have to do the dishes (and I like to be smug because my daughter behaves herself while out for dinner despite being only two, I have no shame!)
Anyway, with the £10 in my pocket I headed to the shops! I knew straight away what I was going to make so it would be fun for Little Miss and in turn, me. Pizza. One of Little Miss’ favourite foods at the moment. Not only was I going to make pizza but I was going to make some garlic and rosemary bread, yes from a packet but still, I was going to have to knead it which I figured could be quite fun. Plus Little Miss is really into cooking since we made the Ham and Cheese Muffin’s last week. 
I’m really rubbish though and didn’t take a photo of the ingredients as Little Miss was starving after an afternoon in nursery so I just cracked on, only remembering half way through I hadn’t photographed the packets! Luckily from my list and receipts, I know what I bought. 

Pizza Base £1.70 (for a pack of two)
Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia Bread Mix £1
Tomato Puree 35p
Half Fat Mozzarella Ball £1
Cherry Tomatoes 90p 
Red Onion 19p
Parma Ham £2
Rocket £1
Balsamic Glaze £1.50
= £9.64
This would of fed a family of four or two hungry adults, since there were two pizza bases but of course with it just being Little Miss and I, we shared one pizza. It was so quick and easy to make, even with baking the bread which took less than an hour in total. I kneaded it to the whole of Let It Go from Frozen while singing my heart out, it was a lot of fun and very therapeutic! Little Miss enjoyed pouring the water in, mixing and watching it rise. When it came to making the pizza I cut up and laid out the toppings so Little Miss could spread it over the pizza. She really liked helping there too. I did grated some cheddar cheese on some of the pizza in case she wasn’t keen on the mozzarella, but it turned out she loved it and the balsamic glaze. 
From my cupboard I used some italian seasoning, olive oil and butter. And all my ingredients came from Tesco.
I think both Little Miss and I enjoyed this challenge and there really wasn’t much washing up to do in hind sight which is something that makes me want to eat up more as I hate doing it. If I continue to eating in like that, perhaps I could buy a dishwasher with the extra £300 I’m saving.. now that would be a dream! 
Do you think you could make a fun meal in with £10? 
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