Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Part One*

Evening! Now that it’s March it’s time to start thinking about Mothers Day, which this year is the 30th. Well I do anyway. I personally love Mothers Day, not just because I’m a mum, but because I like to spoil my own mum. Which is probably the reason why I’ve decided to do this Gift Guide in two parts. The first part that I’m posting today is going to be filled with beautiful ideas on what to get your mum. The second part is going to be gift ideas if you are a mum. The reason for this is because when my mum inquired what I’d like for Mothers Day, I realised that it’s completely different to what she’d like for Mothers Day. This way I’ll hopefully give you some ideas for your mum and inspire you on what to nudge your other half (or if you’re a single mum like me and your mum gets you something from your mini) in the right direction of.
Anyway, here are some suggestions on what to treat your mum to this Mothers Day. I took to Twitter today as I wanted to find more personal items rather than the generic stuff from the high street. I’ve had such a brilliant response and I really hope you all like what I’ve found.
Family Photo Frame // Dinner Choices Hanging Sign // June Birthstone Stacking Ring // Head Gardener Gift Box
Aromatherapy Relaxing Flamingo Candle // Strawberry Sunday Bouquet // March Birthstone Stacking Ring
Bluebird Tea Co. Tea Virgin Starter Kit // Spa Voucher // Heat Holder Snuggle Up // Collected Quotations Book
It doesn’t matter the age of your mum, I think these are all wonderful gifts for any mother than needs a special treat. In fact, the majority of them I would actually be happy to received (of course I’d rather have a mass box of Lush or a Disney Tradition, but hey! That’s just me). 
Starting at the top. Some lovely person of Twitter pointed me in the direction of Rock My Roost, which really is right up my street in regards to homewares! It has some great gift ideas too and the two that I think would be really good Mothers Day gifts are the family photo frame which reads “Remember as far as anyone knows we’re a nice normal family” which definitely applies to my parents house where my dad answer’s the phone “(Surname) residence, home for the criminally insane.” Yes, we’re definitely normal. And a plaque that reads “Dinner Choices: Take it or Leave it” which was something my mother ALWAYS said when we were children, in fact she still says it now but at least if we choose to leave it we can go home and make something ourselves! 
Also through twitter I discovered a shop selling fantastic contemporary handmade jewellery. If you’re after something original for your mum, look no further than Becky Pearce Designs. She kindly pointed me in the direction of her birth stone stacking rings which are really pretty. My mum when she isn’t wearing gold jewellery takes her wedding and engagement rings off which really upsets my dad but she can’t bare to have two kinds of metal on. These stacking rings are in silver which would be lovely, and since they’re stacking you could maybe buy her birthstone and yours, which is the ones I’ve picked out (June for my mum, March for me). There are loads of other pretty bits on her website including gift sets, custom made and even cufflinks for the guys.
Another little gem I found tonight through Twitter was Pure Thoughts, a handmade soap and skincare company based here in the UK. I do love natural soap and skincare, where I know what is exactly in it, plus it always smells amazing! I think this sort of thing makes a wonderful gift, especially when they’re packaged in a box with a bow, just the way Pure Thoughts presents their gifts. I’ve chosen the Head Gardener box as in our family, my mum does all the gardening. All 6 of the gardens (my two, my sisters two and her own two). She loves designing what goes there and once she even grew her own lawn! 
I think I’ve harped on a few times on the blog about Flamingo Candles, but ever since I smelt the pink lemonade one in Joy, I’ve been desperate to see how great they are when burning. But anyway, they are a nice change from the usual ones on the market with some amazing sounding scents. Since on Mothers Day, a lot of the cards scream about mums taking a time to relax, which is why I’ve chosen to share an Aromatherapy candle in this gift guide. It’s scented with lavender, so I even think my Nanny would love this one.
If all other ideas fail, or you live too far away from you mum, why not send her some flowers. I’ve used Serenata before and I really recommend them. The delivery is really fast and the bouquets are beautiful especially for the price and you can always find a discount code online. This strawberry sundae one is beautiful, it’s almost made for mothers day!
I’ve seen a lot of talk on blogs and between some friends about the Bluebird Tea Co. so I decided to investigate while on my hunt for ideas to put in this gift guide. I have to admit I was completely blown away by the flavours of tea they offer! Since I’ve given up caffeine I’ve become a lot more interested in flavored teas and my mother has always been a fan. I bet we’re not the only ones! The Tea Virgin Starter Kit I’ve featured here looks to be perfect for someone just starting to branch out from good ol’ English Breakfast and £15 isn’t a bad price at all especially for specialty teas. The packaging also looks adorable. 
Again, if you’re stuck for a gift idea or you don’t live close enough to give a gift (especially a fragile one) why not go with a voucher? I have always dreamed of treating my mother to a spa trip but there aren’t any near enough for her to go, which is a little bit sad. Maybe afternoon tea would work better, I might have to look into it! 
Heat Holders have recently released these great looking blankets that are specially designed to hold heat in. My mum is such a cold person that one of these would be an amazing gift especially with my dad constantly moaning about heat! They also make gloves, socks and even leggings. I’ve gone for moon rock as it’s a nice neutral colour that my mum could keep downstairs as a throw during the day.
Finally, now that I’m a mother myself, I really see why my mum documented in little notebooks so much of our lives when we were kids and I figured she might like to do it again now that she has grandchildren. So when I saw this Collected Quotations book on Amazon I added it to a wishlist to treat my mum to. There are all sorts of these sorts of books, the other one I like is Dear Mum (Journals of a Lifetime)
Of course, if you’re feeling flush you could book your mum a little trip away or perhaps buy her a womens Cartier watch? My mum would definitely appreciate them, but i’m not sure that my bank balance would! 
Have you thought about what you’re getting your mum for mothers day yet? 
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