A Charming Story for Mothers Day with Argento

I have no idea how I’m just sitting down to blog at this time of night! I feel exhausted but at the same time, wide awake.. and is it just me or has the temperature suddenly rocketed? I actually have my bedroom window open tonight, although I will close it before going to sleep.
Today, I’m talking about my mum. Again. She crops up quite often on my blog, maybe because she’s one of the most important people in my life. In fact, I’d go as far to say that my mum is my hero. At the end of the month there is a special day to honour these heroes mothers and I have to admit it’s one of my favourite days of the year, not just because I’m now a mother, but because I like my mum having an extra day in the year when I get to spoil her rotten. 
For the past three years now my sister and I have bought a charm each for my mothers bracelet. She received it from my father for her 50th birthday and I honestly think it’s one of the best gifts he has ever bought her. We try to purposely pick a charm that is significant to her, or something that has happened in that specific year. She has a cat as now that we have both left home she dotes upon the family cat Peggy, she has an aeroplane and suitcase that my father bought her on their holidays, she has a London bus with a union jack on the top for the year we held the Olympics and last but not least she has a little girl charm I bought her when my daughter was born, her first granddaughter, and a little boy charm my sister bought her when my nephew was born, her first grandson. Her bracelet is nearly full now and we next plan on buying her a necklace. She has an assortment of flower shapes, her birthstone and coloured beads from my father and her sisters that have filled it up fast so when it comes to choosing something these days it’s definitely much harder. 
However, for mothers day this year, I have come up with a plan. As soon as I saw this charm, I knew it was perfect for her. 
Pandora Globe Clip* RRP £30, Argento
Excuse my grotty handwriting!
What do you think of my little idea? My mum doesn’t have any clips on her bracelet and I really think this is an adorable one to finish it off. It’s truly exquist and I love that I’m able to make out the continents in it. Like all Pandora charms it’s of danish design in 925 sterling silver and comes in a cute presentation box with a bad. Is it any wonder my sister and I always choose to give our mother Pandora? The little globe is also relevant since for the first time in years, I’m going on holiday with my mum this year and since she already has a few other travel charms, this was a little different.
And the message? To me, my mother is the best in the world. She is so kind and caring, I think I ended up being incredibly lucky to be her daughter. She is so easy to talk to, so accepting and she always sees the best in people. When people tell me how well I’m doing in raising my own daughter, I reply that my mother set the best example. I have longed for a daughter of my own purely to have a relationship with her like I have with my own mum. She would give up her last penny for my sister and I, she has always been there to support us and  she never judges any of our life decisions. She brought us up to always stand up for what we believe in, to have our own opinions and I am so incredibly thankful for that. She’s so nice in fact it’s often frustrating! Growing up she’d tried to see everyone’s point of view, even a bullies! But now as a grown up, I can see why she is like this. She is so strong, after my sister and I were in school (and my dad refused to have anymore kids) she went back to retrain as an early years professional, leaving her career in hairdressing because she didn’t want her time with children to be over. She was born to be a mother, and a grandmother, and if i’m half the mother she is, I still know I’ll be blooming good. I love my mum, and if I gained anything by moving back to my hometown, it’s her help and guidance in learning to be the best mum for Little Miss.

Argento is currently running a competition over on their Facebook page to win a Pandora bracelet with five charms on for your own mum. All you have to do is tell them what charm you’d choose for your mum and why? Simple huh? The winner will be chosen on the 1st April. Good luck! 

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