Beauty Content // An Essential Beauty Guide for Yummy Mums *

When you’re a mum, there are times when you struggle to remember what it was like to have time for yourself. Being busy with little ones, or even older children, can lead to a serious case of neglecting your own needs – particularly where beauty is concerned. But that doesn’t have to be the case; with a few sneaky tricks, you can be a very yummy mummy.


When time is at a premium, you need to learn to work with it rather than against it. For example, a shortcut to beautiful hair is to apply a nourishing oil or a conditioner that can be soaking in and doing its work while you do other things, such as making breakfasts or ironing school uniforms. Similarly, there are a number of beauty masks that can cleanse or moisturise your skin and these can be applied before getting on with something else, as long as the mask won’t scare your little darlings. There are plenty more cheats like this and once you start to look for ways to snatch some beautifying time, it will become second nature.

Long-lasting fixes 

Part of the difficulty of keeping yourself beautiful is having to do it every day when you’ve got so many other demands on your time. Some products have longer-lasting effects and are, therefore, great time-savers. For example, rather than applying mascara or eyebrow pencil each day, use a monthly eyelash and eyebrow dye, which takes about twenty minutes from start to finish. This will not only save the time it takes to apply each day, but will also save you from having to remove it at night. Another great value product is fake tan, which will give you a healthy sun-kissed appearance, even if you’ve been up half the night with a teething baby; it’s easy to apply and doesn’t need topping up as often as if you were using a tanning make-up, such as tinted foundation.

What’s on the inside matters too

An important factor in looking good is how healthy you are. Eating the right food and drinking the right things can help to keep your skin looking clear and strengthen nails, hair and teeth as well as controlling your weight. When you have children, it can be too easy to neglect your own nutritionas you focus on theirs; if you eat plenty of vegetables, lean meats or vegetarian substitutes andfew fatty or sugary foods, then your children will copy you and grow up with a healthy attitude to food. Avoid eating your children’s leftovers as well, as this can build up to a considerable amount of unwanted calories over time.

Take some time 

I know it seems as though you can’t afford to take any time for yourself, but with the help of your other half, friends and family, you should be able to make time to do something for yourself once in a while. Whatever you decide to do with your time is up to you; it doesn’t need to be about beauty to give you an attractive glow. Just the fact that you can relax will show on your face and if you’re happier and less-stressed, that will be good for your family too.

Mums matter! You are one of the main influences on the next generation and the things that you do, as well as say, will affect how your children grow up. Show them that it’s important to make an effort with appearance, but not at the expense of other responsibilities. It’s a lesson worth learning.

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