The Definitive Tea Experience with Jing Tea

I have a confession to make, until I was in hospital with my newborn daughter, I really couldn’t stand tea. I’d never been able to stomach more than a mouthful and chose fancy coffees, hot chocolate or just a cold drink in it’s place. But when faced with the choice of water, instant coffee or tea, I opted for tea, very sugary milky tea. Perfect post birth. And you know what? I loved it. I found it comforting and relaxing. Since then I’ll happily drink a cup of tea, in fact when I’m at my best friend Bee’s house, I drink a lot of tea. I try to now have a cup a day during “down time” (Little Miss hasn’t napped since she was about 17 months, so we now have down time instead) and read some of my book. Also, during my coffee detox earlier this year, I started drinking herbal and fruit teas, and surprisingly, I’m enjoying them! So when offered to give Jing Tea a try, I wasn’t going to say no. 
English Breakfast* & Blackcurrent and Hibiscus* RRP £5.80, Jing Tea
Jing is a luxurious tea brand, launched back in 2004 and is now being enjoyed by customers in 75 countries. Their range includes loose tea and whole leaf teabags in a selection of flavours that give an authentic example of Asia’s best loved teas. Not only that but you are able to buy from them elegant teaware to enhance your experience.

I was lucky enough to be able choose two types to sample, I chose Blackcurrent and Hibiscus as well as good ol’ English Breakfast, since this is usually my tea of preference. I received two gold foil bags containing 15 tea bags, which are available to buy via the website. It’s a great sampler size and would make a lovely gift as part of a hamper. The bags are also resealable so your tea stays fresh.

The bags themselves are in the raved about pyramid shape that is supposed to help the tea expand and breathe much better than the original flat circular or square shape. What I love most about them is the fact they’re made of a very silky mesh rather than the paper kind that goes soggy while in the cup. They also have a string and label attached which makes it much easier to remove, rather than trying to fish it out with a spoon (unless you drop the label in of course, which quite often happens to me!) For both types you simply put into a mug, fill with water and leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes as instructed.

Feeling brave, I tried the Blackcurrent and Hibiscus first. I’m a big berry fan especially of berry flavoured things, so naturally I was drawn to a blackcurrent tea, especially at the promise of it being sweet. I have to admit, the first cup I had to overload with sugar to be able to drink it, but after a few more tries, I started to enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan of hot drinks, in particular hot fruit drinks but this has definitely grown on me and I’ve found if I don’t leave it to infuse for longer than a couple of minutes, it’s quite refreshing. The blackcurrent is the stronger of the two flavours but you do get an after taste of hibiscus which is the bit I think I like as that’s where the sweetness comes in. It’s also decaff which is great since I reset my caffeine levels and now usually only have one cup a day. My sister is a huge fan though, having always been partial to fruit teas.

I was pretty sure I’d love the English Breakfast tea and I wasn’t disappointed. A much smoother taste than a supermarket brand, and delicious with milk, I’ve had one every morning since I opened the bag. If you like a “regular” cuppa, this is the bag for you. It was such a treat to go along side my porridge. Again, it makes a much stronger cup than I’m used to so I found leaving it to infuse for five minutes was too long for me personally but two to three made a very enjoyable and rich cup of English Breakfast,

Both these teas are available to buy in bags of 15 for £5.80 or a box of 100 for £34. What I do think would be a wonderful Mothers Day gift would be something from Jing’s New to Tea range, I never started to drink tea until twenty three, so it proves you’re never too late to give it a try!

I’m so pleased to have explored more in the realm of tea and what’s available, thank you Jing for showing me what’s available.

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