Twenty Six

As some of you, or perhaps all of you, know that it was my birthday on Friday. For the last few years I’ve had fairly rubbishy birthday so this year when all my friends wanted to make plans with me I was so excited! My twenty fifth year was awful, the worst of my life, so being able to bid it farewell and hello to my new age in such a way was so nice. I ended up having four birthdays in total, or two birthday weekends. My two closest friends from university, Jess & Kariss came up from the 7th-9th and we went out for a meal on the Saturday. It was so wonderful to be with them again as it’s such a rarity now we’re spread all over the country, but thankfully once we’re all in the same room again, it’s as if nothing has changed and we still talk about the same things and act like we did at eighteen, apart from the fact we now come home at 11pm, put on our pjs and take off our make up! It was a great way to kick start my birthday celebrations.

Best steak of my life, fillet medium rare £12.95!
You Can’t Sit With Us Jumper & Lush from Jess // Travel Journal, Eleanor & Park book and a Time Turner Necklace from Kariss
Then on Thursday 13th, the day before my birthday, my mum baked me a chocolate cake and my sister cooked me pulled pork. I also had a few gifts and cards to open. Originally I wasn’t going to celebrate with my family in any way, but my sister insisted we did something. It was lovely to be with the people I’m closest to in my family, even if it was on the wrong day. Although I’d asked for nothing I received some lovely gifts and money to put towards my adventuring this year. 

Vintage Boyfriend Fit Tartan Coat from my sister & her family // Cake Pop Maker & Ever Ours dress from my parents
Toffifee from Peggy (my parent’s cat) // Pandora Charm from Little Miss // Candle from my Grandparents
The next day, Friday, my actual birthday. I took the train (1st class, obvs, with complimentary wine that had me pretty tipsy after one glass) to my best friend Bee‘s house. In case you haven’t realised yet from the amount of dinner parties I attend at her house, she is the party planning queen. Her organisation and attention to detail is second to none so you can imagine just how insanely excited I was to see what she had planned! I wasn’t let down, in fact, I was really overwhelmed by just how much she’d done for me and there were a few wet eye moments and squeals of excitement. Anyway, on arrival I was greeted by princess balloons and some bunting, put up just for me *sniff* and the most epic of epic cakes. Seriously, this cake was so epic it has the most likes on my Instagram EVER! Even my photos don’t do it justice, but here, enjoy and there will be more up later on in the week!
I am a sucker for Peter Pan, especially the silhouettes (which is one of my top choices for a tattoo) and the “second star to the right, and straight on til morning quote” and of course, my best friend would know this! Covered in black glitter and three tier, I’ve never had a three tier cake in my life! The top layer was lemon, middle chocolate and bottom strawberry. It was just perfect! I didn’t want anyone to even breathe near it! I also had a little cheesecake on Friday with candles and Anna from Frozen (because naturally I’m an Anna type!) I also received some awesome gifts and cards, that were so 100% me! We also had such a laugh letting chinese lanterns off in the back yard so I could cross it off my 101 Things in 1001 Days before settling down to wine, take away and gossip as another friend Adam had also arrived. 
My awesome gifts from my best friend. The Yankee Candles are from my two favourite girls who aren’t my own. A Frozen mug & a Pandora charm, as well as a voucher for a tour of Shakespeares Globe in London, which is also on my 101 Things list.
On the Saturday we did a lot of preparing for my party in the evening. Bee was throwing me one of her famous (yes they’re famous) murder mystery parties, this time with a Titanic theme. We shopped and cooked and even though I ended up being unwell in the evening which I 100% put down to tiredness, it went off amazingly and was one of the funniest we’ve ever done. By the end of the evening I didn’t know if my stomach hurt from laughing or because I still felt unwell! I’m saving a whole post about that later on in the week because her 8 course banquet deserves it’s own post. I also received some more amazing gifts from the other guests which was a smack in the face reminder of how lucky I am to have such wicked friends. I wish I could spend every Saturday laughing as much as we did at my party! 

Big bag of Lush from Nat and her family (along with the box of chocolates below) // Travel Journal & Harry Potter Wrap Bracelet from Hayley // More Lush from another friend Chris // Fame DVD & some Salad Hands from Steffy and her family // Pandora Charm from another friend Jon
(And a bottle of wine not pictures from Chris and Erika)
Cat Charm from Little Miss // Passport Charm from Bee // Wanderlust Charm from Jon
I had a couple of freak outs before turning twenty six, but now i’m a few days into it, I feel much happier and I sincerely hope it continues to be good to me as 2014 has been so far. At least if I’ve learnt anything over my year from hell is that I’m so damn lucky to have such awesome friends and supportive family that make me laugh like no one else. Now for the boyfriend, right? 
Just kidding.
This was without a doubt, probably my best adult birthday ever. It beats my 21st and 18th by miles. I’m looking forward to sharing the post about my murder mystery and more photos of the cake later on in the week. But a thanks to everyone who made it special, from the birthday wishes on twitter, instagram and facebook, to the cards and gifts and of course to anyone who spent any of the days with me. I’m so grateful.  
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