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Today is a very exciting day in our house. Exciting for an unusual reason, but for both Little Miss and I it’s still very exciting. 
Out the back of our house we have a lovely big garden with a nice lawn and room for a playhouse and a table and chairs. Last summer my mum planted some plants in a small plot at the back and I have a long washing line for drying our clothes. However, this winter despite having no snow, we have been hit by some terrible winds, so much so that our garden fence was completely destroyed. If you’re a mother you’ll know that you can hardly let your toddler out to play if it isn’t safe! So not only could she escape into next doors incredibly unsafe garden, there is all the old fence filled with nails lying up the back. It’s incredibly sad to look at from my kitchen window…
But, today is the day our new fence is being delivered and over the weekend my dad and uncle are going to put it up, once again making our back garden safe. So you can image how excited I am at being able to use my garden again, and OF COURSE i’m making plans for it already as normally the best weather comes over the next few months! So today I thought i’d share some of my garden springspiration (how cool is that collab word?!)
I’m sure you can see a theme here, huh? I’m VERY into the pastels at the moment and I think it’ll look lovely in the garden, very fresh. First off we have my choices in some first pieces of garden furniture, perfect for the Spring. I actually saw the mint green lounger in my local garden centre last year but I was so busy spending money on doing the rooms up in my house I didn’t have any spare cash. I’m so excited i’ve now found it online and I will be ordering it as soon as I have some money. To go over the lounger I’d love a parasol. After being sunburned last year I really want to be safe in the sun, this grey one is a perfect compliment to the lounger. Since i’m hoping to host a few garden parties this year especially if anyone comes to visit, I’d love some lights to hang along my fence, I love these paralane ones, although I would have to bring them indoors when not in use. Finally, as I do want to get a table and chair set (I just haven’t found one I like yet!) I’d love a gorgeous outdoorsy candle to burn in the evening. Since I finally bought my first Flamingo Candle this week I’ve fallen in LOVE, I’ve decided I need to get this white tea and mint candle to burn on those warm evenings while drinking a glass of white wine and eating salad. Now all we need is the sun!
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