Spending Ban March Update (+ Wishlist & Haul) *

I’m not even sure if it’s right to put a wishlist in this Spending Ban update.. why? Because I really haven’t stuck to it in the slightest this month. With it being my birthday and EVERYWHERE offering discounts because of said birthday I really went over the top. I’d like to say I’m not proud, but I AM. The last time I had a proper shopping spree was last April when I went to the Nottingham Bloggers Meet! I’m one of these people who sort of just picks up bits here and there rather than buying in bulk. But instead of saving all my birthday money, which had been the plan, I kind of spent half of it on some bits and pieces for my S/S wardrobe and some new beauty bits. The only problem with this is I’m now a) broke and b) I want to buy MORE, so I am doing a wishlist, although I’m also sharing what I’ve bought. And as of yesterday I’m back on the spending ban, 100% as I have two more months of it and I need to recoop some cash. 
Firstly the “haul” although I hate that word, it still is none the less a haul. 
Mint Green Tulle Skirt £16, Boohoo (RRP £20, 20% off for my birthday)
Denim Skater Dress £8, Ever Ours
Floral Tea Dress £12, Ever Ours
Cream Dipped Hem Jumper £8, Boohoo (RRP £19, 20% off for my birthday)
New York Skyline Tights £4.80, Boohoo (RRP £6, 20% off for my birthday)
Mint Green Bonjour Jumper £14.40, Boohoo (RRP £18, 20% off for my birthday)
Lotta Rosie Headband in Black £16.20, Crown and Glory (RRP £18, 10% off across the entire site)
Statement Necklace £5, Ever Ours
Bonjour Name Necklace £26.33, Tatty Devine (RRP £30.45, 20% off Name Necklaces & a present to myself)
REN Photoactive Sun Veil £11.70, ASOS (In sale for £13 & 10% off for my birthday)
REN £13, Space NK (RRP £18, £5 off and free delivery for my birthday)
Toni & Guy Glamour Hairspray £6.99, Boots (3 for 2)
Feria Hair Dye FREE (RRP £5.89), Boots (3 for 2)
Revlon Colour Burst Lacquer Balm in Enticing £7.99, Boots (3 for 2)
Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora FREE (RRP £6.49), Boots (3 for 2)
Free Fig Candle, birthday gift from Space NK
Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum Foundation £10.99, Boots (3 for 2)
Essie Nail Polish in £1.99, Boots
Bleach London Swamp Spritz £6, Boots (3 for 2)
Edinburgh Tour Guide £1, British Heart Foundation
Top 10 Washington DC £7.99, WH Smith
Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowel £7.99, WH Smith 
Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love by Sarah Butler £7.99, WH Smith
(I had a voucher for £5 off £20 spend and the fiction books were Buy One Get One Half Price)
Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson £1, British Heart Foundation
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn £1, British Heart Foundation
I’d like to say this is all of it, but it’s not, I then spent more in Primark & H&M this past week when I headed up to Edinburgh with Hayley. I haven’t photographed what I bought there but it consisted of underwear, tights, socks and another satchel from Primark and this dress from H&M. The underwear and tights I needed, the other bits… not so much. Of course I’ve also bought bits and pieces for Little Miss but I never include that in the spending ban anyways, she shouldn’t miss out because I’m supposed to be saving. It was mainly charity shop books and a couple of bits in the Next sale anyway. 
As you can see a lot were bought with discounts, money off or vouchers, so for that, I don’t feel too bad. I don’t know why I’m justifying myself really, but you know what people are like, judgmental and all. ANYWAY, I love my purchases and looking it here, it doesn’t even look all that much spread out over a whole month. But it sure does feel like it when I think of the extra saving I have to make up. We’ll go with YOLO and leave it at that. 
So as I mentioned above, April I am back onto the Spending Ban, I have a lot planned over the next few months and I need to have some spare cash available to do them. Of course it doesn’t mean I’ve not book marked a few bits and pieces should I find myself with extra cash, YOU NEVER KNOW! Because realistically, who wants to read me moaning on about having to save every penny? Especially since I don’t have a fun way of doing it short of putting my cards in the freezer… 
As you can probably see, there is very little apparel on this wishlist, mainly because I can’t fit much more in my wardrobe until until I can afford a set of drawers there is no point in buying anymore. However I am seriously lusting after these super cute Red T-bar Flats from my new best friend, Boohoo, and is it any wonder when they’re only £25, compared to what I paid for my black ones from Topshop? I’ve also decided it’s time to get a watch. I hate that I’m constantly checking my phone when out in public and it’s really difficult with the pushchair, having a watch would make that so much easier. Although I’d love a beautiful Marc Jacobs watch, H Samuel currently have 25% off selected watches and I quite like this Ghost Blue Hip Hop Watch which is now down to £8.99.
There are so many good DVDs out and coming out in the near future, I already have Frozen on pre-order which I hope will arrive tomorrow, my dad also bought the new Thor film the other week which I’ve borrowed to watch. Catching Fire is also just out and the one currently gracing the top of my DVD wishlist, Saving Mr Banks. Being a HUGE BIG MASSIVE Disney fan, and of course a Mary Poppins fan I REALLY want to see this since I missed it at the cinema.
Speaking of Disney, The Disney Store has sooo much I want at the moment, not just for me but for Little Miss (that is a whole other post in itself!) but if I had to choose one thing I wanted most of all, it’s this Alice Stacked Cups Mug. It just looks awesome and as I love all things Alice, I have to have it! There was a teapot as well but I think it’s now out of stock..
Now onto beauty and fragrance, which makes up the majority of this wishlist, mainly because I’m starting to think about Spring make up! As I made it very clearly last year, Marc Jacobs is my all time favourite perfume brand, so now that there are two new fragrances, naturally I want both. My favourite of the two after having a sniff in Boots is Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight, which is £43.95 for 75ml on Fragrance Direct, really not bad. Although I do love the colour of Daisy Delight and that’s only £40 odd. First thing I’d like to add to my make up bag for Spring/Summer, especially since I’m off on my holidays in August is a setting powder to wear over my BB cream instead of foundation. After reading plenty of reviews i’ve settled on Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder which is available at Escentual and currently has a 1/3 off! I’ve also practically ran out of The Porefessional by Benefit with no hopes of affording a new one, so instead I have my eye on Baby Skin Primer instead, I’ve heard mixed reviews but at £7.99 it’s a hell-of-a-lot cheaper than what I usually fork out for a Primer. I’ve also ran out of my perfect pink blush, Undressed by MAC and I’ve been after a cheap replacement, although it’s not that much cheaper, Sleek’s Blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade looks to be the closest. Finally, since everyone is talking about the brows, I figured I should perhaps start sorting mine out. Although I keep them neat I never fill them in for fear they will look like caterpillars! But perhaps I could at least get them to stay neat using Maybelline’s Brow Drama, it could be worth a try for a fiver.
So, March has been a complete fail in regards to my Spending Ban, I really hope I can do better in April!
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