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Three months in and another three books read! I’m really impressed with last months reading because i’ve been so busy with everything that I really have had little time to myself, especially to read. However I did managed to finish off The Great Gatsby that I started last month, then follow it up with two books by Rainbow Rowell, an author I only discovered due to receiving Eleanor & Park for my birthday from Kariss. I haven’t started anything else since finishing Fangirl but I’ve ended up buying a lot of books last month, whoops so I better crack on with it. Hopefully April is going to be much quieter for me so I’m hoping to tackle four books this month. Wish me luck.
Anyway, this is what I thought of the books I read in April. 
First up, the book I started in February but only managed to finish at the beginning of March, despite the fact I read it in a matter of hours first time around (parenthood, what can you do?) The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. I first read this book the summer before I went to university, and I guess it’s what first got me interested in the twenties jazz era. I think I loved it more the second time around if possible and because of this I still haven’t seen the movie for fear it is unable to translate Fitzgerald’s beautiful descriptions onto the screen. It really is poetry and although I’m someone who never thinks any books really live up to their hype, The Great Gatsby does. I’m big fan and I do love getting lost in Gatsby’s world, even if I do think Daisy is a total bitch. It doesn’t take long to read and the plot is fairly simple to follow, but I do believe it’s one of those books you either love it or hate it. I’m definitely in the lover camp and I always will be. Looking forward to a re-read of The Beautiful and Damned now.
As I mention above, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell was a gift for my birthday. I had never heard of the book before hand or the author for that matter but I always trust Kariss’ recommendations when it comes to books.. that and the cover looked interesting. I wasn’t disappointed. I really did love it, so much so that half way through I went out and bought Fangirl to read next. The book is told from the point of view of both Eleanor and Park, two high school students falling in love for the first time. It really is a sweet little book and I loved both the main characters. I’ve recommended this book to a few people already. It’s an easy read too, which is important for me these days. 
The final book I read this month was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I was so excited to read this after finishing Eleanor and Park but in all honesty, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. I thought I would from the blurb, because after all I am a fangirl, specifically of Harry Potter, Tolkien, Once Upon a Time and of course, Disney. I get too involved in things (if you’ve seen my Twitter since I watched the last episode of Once Upon a Time you’ll have seen what I mean) so I know how it works. But the main character, the one the point of view is told from, Cath.. I really didn’t like her. I know she has some mental health issues but that’s not the reason I dislike her, it’s just that she’s not very likable. And I like to like the person the book is coming from I’m afraid. The story itself was pretty good and I liked pretty much all the other characters, just not Cath. Oh well, it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to read Rainbow Rowell’s other books. 
Did you read anything worth recommending in March? And don’t forget to follow me on Good Reads!
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