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Outfit of the Day – She Doesn’t Even Go Here!

I know we’ve already had an outfit of the day this week but my sister is coming over for take out pizza and these are the only photos I have ready to make a post from! I’m really looking forward to pizza and hopefully my sister’s boyfriend has offered to babysit long enough for us to watch a movie because I have the second Thor film ready and waiting. 

Today’s outfit is featuring a sweater that I received for my birthday from one of my best friends, Jess. Hayley also bought it for me but she ended up keeping hers so I didn’t end up with two! All I can say is, great minds. Anyway, this particular sweater is something I have been lusting after for a couple of months and I was so excited to receive it.

This is the best “bitch, please” face I have. I apologise.

Sequin Collar Blouse £17.50, ASOS
“You Can’t Sit With Us” Mean Girls Sweater (gift), In The Style
Black Polka Dot Skirt £3.99, H&M
Black Tights £2.99, Primark
Chelsea Boots (ancient), New Look
Red Satchel £16.99, eBay
Infinity Necklace £2.50, Miss Geekay
See, I’m not all florals and frills ALL the time. Sometimes I can be a little more casual. The weather has been so dreadful up here that it has been perfectly acceptable to continue wearing dark colours, boots and black tights which I’m so pleased about, mainly so I can get a lot of wear out of this sweater! I’m in love with it over the top of this super cute blouse I bought from ASOS. The cream against the burgundy looks so good.I have three of these little jersey skirts from H&M, they’re so cheap and so great for a casual look. As much as I love a tulle or pleated skirt, sometimes the day calls for a little jersey mini. The fabric means I can still run around after Little Miss. Teamed with tights and a little pair of Chelsea boots i’ve had for a couple of years but rarely wear as they have a slight books makes for a cute and although I hate the word, “preppy” look.
As there is fairly a lot going on outfit wise with quotes and sequins and polka dots, I’ve gone for some simple accessories, my silver infinity necklace that was a couple bargain from Miss Geekay last year and my red satchel that I bought to take to Paris. This bag is so big and roomy, it fits everything I need in for both me and Little Miss. I love the colour too.
Sorry for the brief post this evening, I hope everyone has a fun filled/relaxing Saturday night planned!

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