What’s In My Every Day Make Up Bag?

It feels like forever since I posted anything beauty related, my blog seems to have been taken over by fashion and lifestyle recently when it originally started out as something much more beauty orientated. To be honest I have missed talking about beauty products, so today I thought i’d break away from what I had planned and share with you all what’s currently in my every day make up bag. This is the make up bag that I use pretty much every day for my base and if i’m heading out somewhere before I’ve managed to get my face on. 
This post has been inspired by my best friend Bee, on her blog Journeys are my Diary she’s currently doing a Beauty School 101 series, which I am so freaking excited about as although we have lots of things in common, beauty has never been one of them, until now. It’s also so interesting to read about someone learning more about beauty who is a) not a teenager and b) a novice (sorry Bee!) most beauty blog posts I read are from someone who knows the ins and outs of things, but this is definitely a fresh take on it so I suggest you check it out! 
Anyway, this is what is in my every day make up bag, firstly a little bit about the bag itself;
As you can see my make up bag is from Cath Kidston, which some people may think is a bit extravagant for a make up bag. However after 18 months of heavy usage, apart from a bit of discolouration, it’s still in great condition. Like all Cath Kidston products, I feel you pay for good quality! The pattern is Notting Hill Rose and it retails for £12. This is actually the cosmetics bag (the mid size one) rather than the make up bag as after seeing them in store I decided this was a much better size. I also have the matching wash bag which I use for all my samples. As it’s made of oil cloth it’s waterproof both inside and out which is great when it’s used to store liquids.
Now, the make up;
First up, my standard base kit which consists of primer, powder, foundation and concealer. Starting with primer. I have the mini version of my favourite (but incredibly pricey, £24.50 for 22mls) primer in the world, The Porefessional by Benefit. I have sworn by this for two years, it goes on beautifully and makes my skin look photoshopped, all the creases, pores and bumps are wiped out and if I wasn’t so self concious I could probably get away with only powder after this. However I only feel comfortable after applying copious amounts of another Benefit product that I swear by, Erase Paste. Hands down the best thing for covering up those horrible dark circles that go hand in hand with being a mother. The thick but easy to blend creamy concealer is the perfect match for my skin and can be applied either before or after foundation, I usually go for after then blend. It’s £20.50 but I can honestly say it lasts AGES! Even the amount I use it and it’s also great for covering blemishes, although I tend to reach more for my MAC paint pot in Painterly for that these days. I first started using Painterly as an eyeshadow primer (and I still often do) but after discovering that it’s a perfect match for my skin, I now use it more to cover any pesky blemishes. Because of the matte texture it’s brilliant for this, probably the best on-the-spot (literally) concealer I’ve used. Again, like with Erase Paste, although it carries a larger price tag at £15, this little pot lasts ages! In the 6 years I’ve been using it I think I’ve only bought four! My favourite ever foundation is this Bourjois Paris 10 Hour Sleep Effect but I’m struggling to buy it anywhere these days. I’m going to be sad when this bottle is empty! For years now I’ve sworn by MAC powder to finish off my base and give my skin the matte look I so love, in the past I’ve always went for Select Sheer Pressed in NW15, but on my last visit the MAC counter was out so I decided to give the Mineralise Skin Finish Powder a go. It’s only £2 more expensive at £22 than the Select, but again it lasts a long time so I feel it’s worth the money. Finally we have Maybelline’s Baby Skin primer that I have to be honest and say I haven’t tried it yet. I decided to take the plunge and use some of my Boots Advantage points to get it as this month there was no way I could afford £24.50 on The Porefessional so I went for the £7.99 supposed dupe. I wasn’t impressed by the Baby Lips lip balms so I hope this lives up to the hype! 

After I’ve applied my base, I move onto blush. I carry two in my every day make up bag. First up is Benefit Fine One One, which I reviewed last year and you can read all about it here. It’s like having everything for contouring in one and I love it. I bought it with my birthday money last year and thought it would go down incredibly fast with it being in a stick form, how wrong was I? I’m definitely getting my £23.50’s worth, and although I adore the colours, I wish Benefit would bring out some other shades! My second blush of the minute is one by Paul & Joe which is available on ASOS, you buy the empty compact for £6 and you can slot in whatever refill you fancy which means it is useable. I was given this at Christmas (I had asked for it haha). They also have this system available for palettes, powder and lipsticks. At the moment I have Re-Belle which contains two gorgeous spring colours and look even better when blended together.

I’m not 100% sure why I need all these eyeliners, but apparently I do. Starting at the top, I have my main liquid eyeliner, my Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner that I bought when I had an ASOS code, although it normally retails for £12, which I think isn’t that bad given it’s one of the best felt tip style eyeliners I’ve ever used. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t smudge which is good because I cry at least once a day. Then I have two ridiculously crap eyeliners by Soap & Glory. Usually I have nothing but good things to say about Soap & Glory, they even made my brand of the month, however their make up range sucks and these eyeliners are no exception. No clue why I still have them, but they are serious smudge city. STAY AWAY. One is the Super Cat, more super crap and the other is Smoulder Kohl, just no. I think I bought them when they were on two for £10. Then another liner that I can’t help but rave about, the first Lord and Berry product I’ve ever tried, their Smudge Proof Eyeliner in black brown, this is a definite repurchase as it actually stays on my water line without giving me panda eyes! It’s only £8.50, and even less if you’re a student or you get it when ASOS has one of their discount codes for everything knocking about! The final eyeliner is one I save for days when I’ve had little sleep, Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in nude. Again, it is relatively waterproof on my waterliner so I probably will repurchase especially since it’s only £3.99. The final Benefit product I swear by, is probably my all time favourite make up product, it’s the iconic They’re Real mascara and it happened to be one of my first ever reviews!. It is £19.50, but I would have no problem shelling out that price again because I can’t live without this. It gives me comment worth eyelashes and it never ever runs, and best of all, it lasts for AGES. I’ve recommended it to so many people and they’ve all come back to me saying how great it is. It’s my desert island make up product for sure. The colours for my eyes that I carry around with me are my little Sigma palette that I received in my Nottingham BB Meet goodie bag, it’s a perfect selection of natural colours that can be worn individually and together. I’ll be so sad when it’s finished. I also carry around my MeMeMe Dew Pot in Willow Whisper that I reviewed here, it’s so easy to apply even without a brush so it’s the perfect product for on the go. Finally, another product I spent my Boots advantage card points on is the much talked about Maybelline Brow Drama, which is on sale for £4.99. I have naturally dark but well shaped eyebrows so I fear that when I fill them in they look caterpillars, so I took the plunge and purchased this to see if I could give them a little more definition. So far, so good, as although I think I look ridiculous, everyone else thinks I look great! Might review this soon…
Now onto the lip products. To be honest, I wear a different lip colour on my lips every day but if I don’t have time to grab a lipstick, these are the ones I keep in my make up bag, just in case. Firstly, I love Rimmel’s Apocalips range, I have four now and my eye on two more. This is the most wearable one I own, it’s called Celestial. It’s a really nice every day pink, nothing too offensive. They’re only £6.49 and are often on offer, the colour has great staying power too. Then my very manky Lipcote, just in case I do grab a lipstick that requires something to keep it on my lips. I think it came from a £1 shop. The lovely Steph sent me this Korres Lip Butter last year when I was desperate to try them, it’s a gorgeous rosey pink and is great on days when I’ve boycotted make up as it adds a lovely tinted sheen to my lips, taking the eyes away from my messy skin. Then lip pencils, like with the Lipcote, I always carry my Urban Decay 24/7 Lip liner in Ozone with me as it goes with all lip colours, you can read my review of it here. And then this Model co. lip liner came free with last months Glamour and it’s actually a perfect match for Celestial so I now carry that with me too. 
Finally! Everything else currently residing in my make up bag. A H&M beauty blender sponge, which is in all honesty, rubbish. I’d like to say “what do you expect for £1.99” but I got one for 99p from Primark last time and it was amazing! I don’t think they do them anymore though. Three nondescript make up brushes for eyeshadow. I got these in a gift years ago but they’re actually the most amazing eye brushes I own. A Ruby and Millie retractable brush that again came in a gift pack a few years back. it’s brilliant for both powder and blush (yes I know, one brush for TWO things?!) I have a bunch of Real Techniques brushes but I hate the idea of them getting ruined in my grotty make up bag! A compact mirror that was in the Accessorize sale for £2 a few years back, I think it’s pretty! My Marc Jacobs Daisy roll on perfume, surprise surprise, since it’s the only perfume brand I wear. And finally, a hair tie and some grips. PHEW! 
I do have a lot more make up than this, but this is my basic kit and even then it looks a lot for just that! What are the products you use every day?
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