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Outfit of the Day – Golden Afternoon

For some reason, today when I was taking my outfit of the day photos I had Golden Afternoon from Alice in Wonderland stuck in my head. I don’t know if it’s because the flowers on my dress made me think of the talking flowers in the movie, or because I was wearing my new Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace. But then again, I often feel like Alice, so maybe it just happened to be one of those days!

Denim Jacket (last year), Primark
Stella Floral Skater Dress* £12.99, UGGBUGG
Disney Couture Drink Me Necklace, Trade on Depop
White Socks £1.99, Primark
Jelly Shoes £4, Primark
Red Satchel £6, Primark
Gosh, how awkward do I look in the first one?! I think my neighbour was in the garden and could see me doing this so I felt so self conscious! Thankfully the second one looks much more natural but I’m afraid I need to rethink my posing as it’s not flattering at all on my legs! 
Anyway, the sun was shining today and the wind dropped for a while so I thought it was only fitting I crack out my most summery of dresses, cover up with a denim jacket and finally give my jelly shoes an outing. I snapped up my delicious jelly shoes from Primark when I went to Edinburgh with Hayley the other week, which would be great, if it wasn’t for the fact I bought Little Miss a pair. The older she’s getting the more I’m dressing us a like, and as adorable as everyone finds it at the moment, I’m sure she’s going to resent me for it when she gets older. It’s not MY fault she looks cute in all the sorts of clothes I like to wear! Perhaps it’s a little sad that a twenty six year old woman wants to dress like a two year old girl. OH WELL! The denim jacket is Primark too, I bought it last summer and it’s already had a lot of wear but I plan on giving it a lot more this year. It’s so light weight and such a nice soft denim. I think it was around about the £18 mark but don’t quote me on this! The socks and bag are also from Primark, the bag I featured in my birthday outfit of the day, and the socks I’ve owned since last summer! Can’t beat a pair of frilly socks really.
The only two items that I was wearing today are the dress and the necklace, because if i’m REALLY honest, my underwear was also from Primark. Ha. Anyway, I was sent the address last week by the lovely people from UGGBUGG. I first discovered the brand on twitter and after a bit of banter about whether or not my blog would be a fit for them, they kindly decided that I would be one of the lucky first bloggers to review their products! Then yesterday this cute and brightly patterned skater dress arrived through my mail box. When the sun was shining today I knew it needed it’s first outing. With it being made of stretchy material it is so comfortable to wear, I spent most of the day lounging in my mothers garden drinking a lot of chocochinos and it didn’t crease in the slightest. It’s quite fitted, even though it has a skater skirt, the top is very much body con but due to the bright pattern it didn’t show up any of my lumps and bumps, what a winner! UGGBUGG have some gorgeous things at some really good prices, this dress retails for £12.99 and the shipping is free! 
I recently re-discovered Depop and last week I managed to trade a couple of beauty products I’d never use for the amazing Tom Binns for Disney Couture “Drink Me” necklace that I have been after for over FOUR YEARS! I kid you not! I blogged about it on my very first blog Seventy Seven Broadway in February of 2010! I’m so glad it arrived this morning so I could wear it in this outfit of the day. It’s bigger than I imagined but I can foresee it being worn as a statement piece a lot. 
Does a certain outfit cause you to have song lyrics stuck in your head?
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