Ways I Know I’m Growing Up

Since turning twenty six last month, I’ve started to notice that I’m doing things that make me feel and think like a grown up. I know as women get older they’re supposed to turn into their mothers, I already notice my own mum turning into my Nanny, in fact all her sisters are turning into my Nanny.. but these things aren’t all exactly things that I know my mum does, they’re just trains of thought and behavioral habits that remind me that I’m now entering my late twenties and my teenage years are long behind me. I thought i’d share them on my blog today. 

Sleep Routine
In the past I have always considered myself a night owl. I have pulled so many all nighters and survived on little sleep by choice not because at that particular time I’ve been suffering from insomnia. What goes hand in hand with this is the fact I have always loved to lie in. I have always loved going to bed late and getting up late.. and even when I first had Little Miss and before that when I started work at 6:45, everyone was under strict instructions not to speak to me until after midday. All my life I have not been a morning person.. until this year. Now I can’t wait to go to bed at night. I come in and lock my doors and head straight upstairs to put my PJs on. Unless I’m out or have friends to stay or i’m staying with friends I am always in bed going to sleep by midnight and I love it. Then, I automatically wake between 8 and 9, and even if Little Miss is still sleeping I actually get up! I have managed a few times to even shower before she wakes but mainly I get up and put dishes away, or get dressed, or put some laundry on. But still, these days I feel much more motivated to get things done first thing in the morning. 

Making Notes

Until I had my daughter I always prided myself on the fact I never needed to make notes or keep lists as I could mentally remember a lot of things. When I was a waitress I never bothered to carry an order pad and when I worked on the bar I could remember seven or eight drinks without a problem. Then baby-brain set in and well, it never left. Of course I was warned about this but now I genuinely believe it’s a scientific fact that you give half your brain cells to your child. Now I always need to make lists and notes, in fact I have about four notebooks on the go all for different things. I also have to keep a diary just so I know what day it is sometimes! My mum tells me that this will be it for the rest of my life. At least I’m far more organised these days! 
I have a notebook each for my two holidays, my diary, my blogging notebook and my to do note book.


I have never ever been one to complain in the past, it’s just the way I was brought up by my mum, her side of the family don’t ever make a fuss and just accept things the way they are. I have never questioned this and always made the best. But then I thought, “why shouldn’t I complain?” after the terrible farce to do with the hotels in London before I went to Paris in October. So I did. I’d never complain for the sake of complaining, but if i’m within in my right I feel like I should speak up. Hell, I’m opinionated about everything else in my life! Since then I’ve complained twice more, once about the rail service on a X Country train but I never heard anything back on that and once to Primark as I was pretty annoyed that my bra size automatically meant I needed size 14-16 pants in a lingerie set! I definitely think this marks my maturity, I’d have always been far too afraid in the past to do this, even write a simple email, but now I wouldn’t hesitate.

Nights Out vs Nights In

If four years ago someone told me I would only have two or three nights a year once I hit my mid twenties i’d be convinced that they were lying. I always thought i’d make it into my late twenties and still be suffering from itchy feet, hoping from place to place and partying hard. Alas, being a mother, and a single mother at that, spending the little money you have on alcohol you’ll probably vomit up into the toilet is the last thing you want to do with it! I haven’t been out properly at all this year, but when I do go out I’ll appreciate it so much. Yes, I miss the getting ready with my friends and pre-drinking but I honestly don’t miss anything else that goes alone with it. I don’t miss the blisters, or drinking until I say stupid things, or coming in at 3am and eating bad take out. I enjoyed them when I had them, but looking back, the amount of money I spent on getting completely inebriated sometimes four times a week (when I wasn’t even a student I’ll have you know!) was ridiculous! Now I much prefer looking forward to staying in and drinking with friends even if it’s just a couple of ciders or a bottle of wine, it’s the banter, fun and quality time we spend together that makes it worth while.
Got to love those quality toilet selfies though! This was my last night out back in December!

Keeping House

I like housework. There I said it. For the first time in my whole life, I love tidying and cleaning my house. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than sticking on my Disney Spotify playlist and bursting into song while I do my whole house top to bottom. I like to sit down at night in a tidy sitting room. EVERYTHING in my house has a place so it actually never ends up too untidy in the first place. I also love cleaning, I like to do everything except for the dishes, I still hate the dishes but even then I have to wash them straight away rather than letting them pile up, something i’ve been known to do in the past. I make the best every day, and I’m always on top of my washing. I’d rather be getting something done than sitting on my bum these days. Not only that, the high light of my Spring has been a new fence, being able to get my washing out on my line is amazing. Another thing in regards to the house I’ve stopped doing is cooking and baking when I can’t sleep. In the past I’ve been notorious for baking cakes and cookies instead of sleeping but now the thought of messing up my clean and tidy kitchen is enough to put me off. What has happened to me?! 
I’m pretty sure there are other areas I have changed and grown up in, I definitely stand for less bullshit these days, and in regards to men I am a lot more picky which might be due to my last relationship or the fact I have a child. My taste in men has also changed. As have my priorities, the way I handle money and even how I spend my time!
Have you noticed anything that has changed because you’re growing up? 
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