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The Tale of the Little Easter Bunny

This week my nephew decided to take it upon himself to make Easter a person, much like Santa Claus. Both he and Little Miss have been telling everyone that “Easter is coming with eggs” so I decided to take it upon myself to make Easter into a person for Little Miss. I’m not religious but due to having a Catholic upbringing I do observe the holidays. Our household is very much an agnostic apathetic area and I do intend to bring my daughter up that way. Christmas is about family and Easter is.. about chocolate of course! At Christmas, Santa Claus is the bringer of goodies, at Easter it’s… you guessed it, The Easter Bunny! 
Last night I told her a story of the Easter Bunny, one of course I made up. The Easter Bunny works with Santa Claus, and comes through the year to make sure little girls and boys are being good and it’s not just an act they put on before Christmas. If he thinks you are being good he will fill your Easter basket with sweets and treats as a reminder that if you continue to be good, come Christmas you will received presents. If you are bad you’ll get nothing and hopefully that will be a reminder that you must be good all year for you to get anything for Christmas. 
It worked a treat and she decided the place to leave her Easter basket was in her play house… in her bedroom… thanks a lot. So before going to bed I had to sneak into her room and place all her Easter goodies in her playhouse and fill her basket with some chocolate. And of course I left her bedroom open a little so I could hear as soon as she was awake before the chocolate massacre started! Sadly I was a little too late and she got into one of the Kinder packs, she only ate the little eggs so I couldn’t be angry. And who didn’t have chocolate for breakfast today?! 

Another tradition in our family is for the children to get new clothes on Easter Sunday. So naturally Little Miss had a new outfit to wear. As I knew she’d probably spend most of the day in the garden (weather permitting and it was!) I went for some new leggings with her favourite Princess on, Sofia the First, which were £3.50 in George at Asda, her floral top was reduced to £4 and her cardigan down to £5.50 both from Next when they had their midseason sale. I have to admit, she looked gorgeous although I did feel a little bit emotional that is was all 18-24 months. Granted she had to have the sleeves rolled up on both the top and the cardigan but the leggings fitted perfectly. Time to dig the rest of that size out of storage I think! 
This morning my parents came up to help tidying my garden and my dad finished painting my new fence then we all headed back down the road to their house and my mum made sandwiches for lunch. We spent the whole day with them, later to be joined by my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew. It was such a lovely family day and for the most part, the sun was shining although it’s now turned to thick mist. I’m looking forward to an evening of pjs, hot chocolate and listing on eBay but here are some photos I took throughout the day while I fiddled with the settings on my camera.

Hope you’ve all had a good Easter too x
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