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Outfit of the Day – Vinted Girl

I really hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Weekend! On the whole, I have, apart from the fact Little Miss is going through the clingiest phase ever! As I write this it’s sunny and mild so I have the back door open, her table out with her dinner on and all her toys, yet she’s currently sat on my feet right outside the door. Little Miss hasn’t had a clingy phase since she had just turned one, a year of independence has actually been bliss and now i’m taking badly to her climbing up my legs constantly and crying at the drop of the hat. Sigh. I got through it last time and I know I’ll make it again, although this time she’s too heavy to constantly carry her about, as my back is learning fast! 
We have had a walk down to my parents to go rolling eggs and later on we visited my grandparents because I haven’t seen them for a while. Compared to last year the weather is actually Spring like! Last year we went along the beach to roll eggs in our winter coats, gloves and scarfs! It was freezing! 
So in honour of this lovely weather, I’ve decided to brave the bare legs. Not sure the world is ready for it yet but oh well..

Handmade Purple Rose Hairband, Traded for on Vinted
Real Leather Miss Selfridge Jacket £33.90, Vinted*
Floral Miso Shirt Dress, Traded for on Vinted
Zara Bag, £3.90 on Vinted*
Pink Frilly Socks £1.50 (for a pack of two), Primark
Cut Out Black Boots, Traded for on Vinted
My whole outfit, apart from my socks (and underwear!) is from Vinted. If you haven’t heard of Vinted yet, you’re in luck because today I’m going to tell you about it! 
A couple of months ago I was contacted by the girls at Vinted, wondering if i’d like to be one of the first to try it once it’s launched in the UK. Already being pretty popular in France, Germany and the US, this fantastic selling website, which is also available as an app,was finally going to be available to us Brits. After a blind navigation (mainly due to my limited language) around the French version I was hooked and couldn’t wait to get started. I had a mass sort out of stuff to sell and as soon as the site was live I listed everything. The listing is soooo simple and isn’t time consuming at all. You can choose to sell, swap or give away. I went for sell or swap as I had a few bits I felt were lacking from my wardrobe but presently not the funds to buy them. I have sold over £100’s worth, no lie. And although unlike when you use Paypal, it does take a little longer to transfer to funds because it’s compulsory to sell everything recorded (as you have to supply the tracking code) it’s completely worth it for the peace of mind that you won’t have to refund. There is also a forum for you to chat on and promote your sales (and your blog if you like!) I have to admit I’m really enjoying using it, and I’ve found some real gems. 
I was also given funds to treat myself to someone of my choice from Vinted, so I chose the above REAL leather jacket which is originally from Miss Selfridge. The seller listed it for £30 (+£3.90 postage) when it originally cost over £100! I was so excited, and it arrived in amazing condition. The leather is that soft buttery kind and it has a hood. I’ve worn it a lot already. Like a lot of sellers, I also received £5 when I first listed so I spent that on the Zara bag, which cost about £30 new but after taking my £5 off, cost me the £3.90 shipping. Again it’s in great condition and fits so much in! Even my DSL which makes it perfect for evenings out. Everything else (again bar the socks) in my outfit I traded for items that I were selling. I love the dress, it’s so silky and perfect for summer. It also looks great with the leather jacket, teamed with a pair of frilly socks and these amazing cut out boots, I’ve been lusting for something in this style since October but I couldn’t justify the spend.
I’ve got a few other bits I’ve traded, a cute sweater with Au Revoir on it originally from H&M, a floral skirt also originally from H&M, shirt collar pins and another light weight jacket. I have over 100 items n my favourites and I can already foresee that I’ll be purchasing some items for my holidays. 
If you want to see what i’m selling, I’m teacupcocktails (unsurprisingly), please leave your links so I can see what you’re selling.
Have you tried Vinted yet? If so, have you found any gems?
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