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Where Amy Ate – The City Cafe, Edinburgh

I can’t believe the last Where Amy Ate was my Paris Edition! That shows how little I have been eating out, or at least remembering to take photos when I eat out. With saving like mad so I have a good amount of spending money for my holidays, eating out is now limited to Cafe Nero or the cafe in Asda! And I’m pretty sure neither of them need to be reviewed. I love eating out too, but since i’m going to be eating abroad for 2 weeks of the year, I figured i’ll have lot of places to talk about then. 
Anyway, last month when the lovely Hayley of Strangeness and Charm came to stay again we spent one of the days in Edinburgh. We did a bit of shopping, then went for lunch followed by a visit to the Museum of Childhood and finally we took an open bus tour of the city. It was cold, and the bus moved pretty fast so my photos are rubbish. However, my ones of the restaurant are good enough for a blog post (in my opinion anyway!)
After I received some recommendations, we decided to eat at The City Cafe, as I kinda thought I knew where it was (it turn out, I didn’t) ANYWAY we did eventually find it. My reasoning for choosing here is that both Hayley and I are a big fan of American style diners, we even chose to eat in one while in Paris! So this looked like the place from us from the menu online.
The whole restaurant is your typical American diner down to the booths and the way the place is laid out. They played a great selection of music that I really enjoyed and it was definitely very reasonably priced. We ordered drinks first while we had a look at the menu, which was filled with your typical diner treats. I actually had Little Miss with me, so not only did I miss out on having a cocktail, I also didn’t get to have what I would of liked since she just shares mine. Instead I went for two side dishes, the skinny fries and chicken strips. Hayley went for an amazing looking burger. I had serious food envy.

As you can see, the fries came in a cute little basket. On the whole the presentation was lovely, as was everything about the meal. The chicken strips were full of white meat and the dip that came with them was delicious! The skinny fries were fresh and crispy, both Little Miss and I really enjoyed it. I honestly can’t fault the food in the slightest, I do wish I had been able to order a burger though!

That day I had Little Miss with me in her pushchair and on arrival one of the waiters kindly held the door open for me. Sadly that’s where the good service ended (for the most part). Unfortunately the waitress who took our orders and served us out meal was miserable! Thankfully the one that cleared seemed much happier by our presence. ANYWAY, for me it didn’t deter from the fact I really enjoyed the food, the place and the atmosphere. I hope I get the chance to go back soon!
The City Cafe is situated on Blair Street in Edinburgh and is open from 9am – 1am daily.
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