#WLW Weight Loss Wednesday Week 1

I didn’t think I would ever see myself doing any sort of weight loss on the blog, however now that my best friend Bee, and her other best friend Nat (who is also my friend) have a link up for one over on their parenting blog Twice The Mum. Some people might be wondering what Weight Loss Wednesday has to do with being a mum, well unless you have your own personal trainer or you’re some miracle marvel, after having a baby, you generally put on weight. If you didn’t, I hate you. Last year I worked really hard to loose a stone of baby weight and I felt good for it, however since Christmas, I have put on 10lbs, 8 of which are unwanted. 10lbs in four months.. ouch! Not only that but my skin is super bad at the moment, no matter what I use and I think that could be attributed to the bad diet, as last year while watching what I was eating, my skin was amazing! 
I’m not saying I’m over weight, in fact, according to my BMI, I’m fine, I just don’t feel fine when I look at photos.. and since I’m going on holiday twice this year and I actually want to be in photos, I want to loose a bit weight. I want to look back at those photos and remember the amazing time I had not think “God I wish I lost some weight before I went.” That combined with the fact I want to be able to eat everything Mickey Mouse shaped in Disney and ten days worth of pancakes in the US without having to think twice about how many calories in each meal and what the fat content is. I’m working hard to save money so I can splash out on great places to eat, and I don’t want to feel like I should skip dessert! 
Also ten pounds in four months is impressive (and not the good kind!) especially when this time I’m not going through a break up or having a baby. Personally I put it down to one thing, and one thing only….

Cake, beautiful, beautiful cake (and yes, I am cruel putting this into a weight loss post!) I have taken part in the eating of six, four that I’ve baked and two baked for me for my birthday. That’s more than one cake a month! That’s not including the batch of brownies i’ve baked, twice and the million and one mug cakes I’ve consumed.. January to April have not been months where I’ve behaved on the food front, but from here on out, I’ll try (not including the three WW Bakewell Slices i’ve consumed today, what a fail after only two days of diets!)
ANYWAY, while in town today I went to Boots to weigh myself properly. I’d guesstimated using my mums rubbish scales and it turned out I was dead on! I’m also half an inch taller than I thought, my whole life has been a lie! Now my reading is pinned on my fridge as a reminder about my current weight when I go looking for eggs and milk to make a sneaky mug cake…
My aim is to loose 8lbs minimum, but hopefully lose the whole 10lbs, putting me back to 9 stone, the weight I worked my butt off to reach last year!

Snacking is definitely my biggest vice so I’ve stocked up on healthier snacks. My other vice is the fact I eat whatever Little Miss leaves, this is something I’ll have to really stop trying to do. I also resolve to stop being so damn lazy when it comes to getting from A to B. I’m going to try and not get the bus as much or ask my mum for a lift. Yesterday I even pushed the pushchair up the hill home containing Little Miss and two massive bags of shopping. I did almost die and my legs have been like jelly, but it felt so good to know I had those extra few hundred calories to play with when it came to dinner. 
So, wish me luck and come back next week to see if I’ve managed to loose anything, which at the moment is looking sincerely doubtful… Bloody cake.
If you’re trying to loose a bit of weight before those summer holidays, please please link up with Twice The Mum and Weight Loss Wednesday, and why not give them a follow?
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