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Buying a bed can be every bit as much of a big fashion decision as getting a new pair of shoes y’know… Here are a few of my top tips for buying a bed that can be a true credit to your bedroom:
Tell the legitimate bedding revolutions from the fashion fads…
Presumable since the very first beds were sold we’ve been presented with all kinds of new and intriguing bedding designs. Some of these have been genuinely innovative, like the memory-foam mattresses that help thousands to get a better sleep every night. On the other hand, are the flashes in the pan, the zany, fashionable bedding ideas that don’t really cut the mustard when it comes to actually being slept on (ahem, hello waterbeds!) Learn to tell apart legitimate bedding innovations from silly marketing ploys by doing some serious research before you invest – you can get an idea of the range of bedding options out there at
Work with the levels in your room
You wouldn’t wear a hat that’s too tall for your head, so why would you buy a bed that’s the wrong height for your room? You need to consider that space you’re working with in your home and buy a bed that fits this space in a complimentary fashion. Here’s my top tip: a room with a low or moderately low ceiling can be made to feel much more airy and spacious if you buy a bed frame that’s low to the ground. Seeing a ceiling high above you is much more psychologically healthy than looking at a ceiling that seems to be right on top of you.
Have your aesthetic in mind
Bedrooms are named thusly for a reason: the bed is the focal point. Get the look of your bed just right and that sets the whole blueprint for a well designed room. If you favour a classically stylish aesthetic then a wrought iron bedframe could be a prudent (albeit expensive) way to go. If you’d rather go for a retro 60s vibe, why not go op art with a black and white bedframe and matching bedding?

Your bed effectively bookends every day of your life, setting the tone for everything you do in between rising and retiring for the night. If your life’s a movie, then your bed is maybe the most important part of the set. You should probably get it just right!

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