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Shopping Spotlight – The Princess and the Frock

In case you’re new to the blog, or you have been living under a rock, I announced the other week that I’m taking Little Miss to Disneyland Paris next month with my mum. I’m so excited for our first holiday abroad together and like with every trip I take, everything is planned from where we’re going to go on what day down to what is in my toiletry bag and how many pull ups Little Miss needs! So as a belated Easter gift, I treated Little Miss to a very special dress to wear on the day dedicated to the Disneyland park.
I first heard of The Princess and the Frock (clever name, huh?) through Twitter. The lovely Amy (who runs Niteo Jewellery, you should definitely check the site out for Princess inspired hairbands!) posted a photo of her daughter in a Snow White dress, and I was instantly in love. After a quick browse of the site, and seeing that the prices were reasonable enough, I was sold on the prospect of getting Little Miss her own Disney princess inspired dress. Unfortunately they didn’t have Little Miss’ favourite princess, but that didn’t stop me, I tweeted and the truly brilliant Claire quickly got in touch. 
After a few emails back and forward, and me being the prize difficult customer being unable to make up my mind, we finally agreed on the dress and the price, I paid and within a week the package had arrived on my doormat.
Can you guess which Disney Princess is Little Miss’ favourite? Rapunzel, of course! I adore Rapunzel too but I can 100% assure you tat she made the decision on her own and that it has nothing to do with me blasting “When Will My Life Begin?” while doing the housework. She just genuinely decided she loved Rapunzel. Which I’m totally cool with. But of course, that meant a Rapunzel dress. 
Here is what Claire created, inspired by Rapunzel’s purple dress.

Can I have one please? I’m so pleased with everything about it. You can tell it’s inspired by Rapunzel, but it has it’s own look about it and can definitely be worn as every day rather than something pulled from her dressing up box which is exactly what I was going for. The material is wonderful, such good quality and it’s lined so it actually holds it’s shape rather than the flimsy material the dressing up versions are made of. It has no glitter, no patterns, but I don’t think that takes anything away from it, in fact, I think it makes it better. I love the lace trip and the sleeves are perfect, she’ll be able to wear a long sleeve top underneath and a jacket on top should it be cool without having the puffy sleeves. It’s just perfect for my little Princess in Disney. I haven’t given it to her yet because she’ll want to wear it now when I want it saved for our holiday. I can’t wait to take some photos of her frolicking around the park in it. I really hope we get to meet Rapunzel now.
Thank you so much to Claire for making this beautiful custom order for me. It cost £30 plus £2.50 postage, which is actually less than I paid for Little Miss’ Sofia dress at Christmas and that’s not only still too big for her but pretty impractical due to the hoop in the skirt! I also received a 10% off code in my dispatch email which is making me want to order something else. Her site contains so non Disney handmade dresses that would also be great for our holiday and the coming summer. Please check out The Princess and the Frock if you’re considering buying your daughter a Disney dress, Claire was more than happy to help out with my custom order and she has made a fantastic job! Thank you!
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