Spending Ban April Wishlist

April saw the fourth month of my so-called Spending Ban, as you all know by now, I’m doing pretty badly. However I’m happy to say this month was much better than March and I did manage to save all my spending money for Disneyland Paris and pay for my airport transfers so that’s the whole lot paid for now and aside from a few bits and pieces, we’re ready to go! Now I need to crack on with my saving for the USA in May and hopefully put some away for duty free shopping, I really want to get my hands on that Marc Jacobs perfume I featured in last months spending ban wishlist.
So what did I slip up on.. Well I bought a few bits and pieces for my garden because I finally had a fence put up. Mainly stuff from Tescos to get Little Miss to help me (and keep her out of trouble). I fell into Boots and sort of spent on their Mix and Match 3 for 2… twice. I bought Maybelline’s Brow Drama and Baby Skin, again from last months wishlist along with another Revlon Colorburst Balm… then the second time I bought two new brushes and one of Revlon’s Perfumerie Nail Varnishes. I bought a couple of bits in a blog sale, but £13 for Urban Decay’s Naked Basics and Benefit’s Rockateur was too good to pass up. I bought some gingham jeggings for £12 in Matalan to fly in. Finally, I spent £50 on Cath Kidston since I made a lot more than I expect on Vinted. I bought some travel accessories which I shared in my Cath Kidston dedicated post earlier this month. That’s still quite a lot of shopping, especially on top of all the essentials, but as I made an unexpected amount selling on eBay and Vinted, I’ve pretty much manage to justify it all… I think… I hope I manage to do better next month… well at least until I go on holiday! 
Despite shopping, I have still managed to put together a lust list for this month. It’s not as full as last months but it still has a fair few bits that I would love to be able to order and these are what I want to share with you today. 
Last month’s wishlist looked really pink, this month it’s very blue looking. Maybe I’m subconsciously making them colour themed? Who knows… 
First up, I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect bag to carry around Disneyland next month and I have fallen in love with this beautiful mint green Lulu Shoulder Bag by Nica. I don’t just love the colour and the little features on it, it looks to be a good size too with plenty of pockets. Perfect for carrying two waterproofs, nappies, wipes, juice cup, three miss mouses, along with all my usual handbag bits and my SLR. It’s available on the Nica website for £55. I have so many dresses but this is the one I really want to add to my collection. This beautiful spotty dress by Yumi is available from Scarlett Fashion for £39.99. Not only do I love the pattern, I love the style especially the contrasting collar and scuffs. I do love my peter pan collars. Finally, the lovely Laura from A Daisy Chain Dreams introduced me to The White Pepper and I am so in love with pretty much everything on the site, especially this gingham blouse that would go perfectly with my new pinafore. It’s on sale for £45, and I think it could definitely be a wardrobe staple.
As for beauty products, I’m desperate to get my hands on the new Bumble & Bumble Cityswept finish, available from Space NK for £21.50. No reason other than I REALLY want to try it. After making my first REN purchases back in March, I have become hooked,  best skincare I’ve used in ages. I’d really love to add these two products to my regime. I love using a hot cloth cleanser a couple of times a week so I’d like to give REN’s Rose Centifolia one a try, it’s currently on sale for £11 for the next 24 hours on ASOS. From using harsh spot treatment on my chin this month I have a few dry patches (I got the mother of all blemishes spots so drastic measures were needed!) I’d love to invest in REN’s Vita Mineral Emollient Rescue Cream which is also on offer for £13.
Finally, it wouldn’t be one of my wishlists without a bit of Disney. Firstly I’ve been looking all over for an iPad case that would be the same design as my current one but with a Disney theme, and I’ve found it! It’s gorgeous! It’s Anna from Frozen with “Do you want to build a snowman?” on it and I really want it! It’s £18.99 on eBay being shipped from Hong Kong, which of course would take a while but it’s obviously worth the wait. Finally, as ever I was bored last night so I had a browse on The Disney Store (as you do) and I came across this adorable Princess Travel Mug for £13. It actually has “Disneyland Paris” on it, so it may be something to buy while i’m over there next month.
So I sucked again in April, May HAS to be better…
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