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Insta-Month April

Cake for my dad’s birthday (it was triple chocolate & salted caramel with fresh cream filling!) // Finally mastered the milk maid braid // Mint green socks and t-bars for Spring
Serious mermaid hair this month // #tbt Disney 2000 with Mickey Mouse // 800 followers on Bloglovin!
Some dresses I bought with my Boohoo winnings // Planning for Disneyland (I went a little post it note happy!) // LITTLE MISS DREW A FACE THAT LOOKS LIKE A FACE!
The highlights were… Going to visit my best friend Bee and the Easter MM, I hate going a month without seeing her, it’s too long so I scraped together the money to go. Winning £1000 in Thomas Cook vouchers then winning £100 Boohoo credit! I mean what!? I’m still in shock about my two wins one after another, I didn’t realise anyone could be so lucky?! Seemingly my grandad is the same, and he claims it’s the Irish in us. Then #eatsleepblogrepeat meet in Newcastle, it was lovely to meet up with local bloggers, I rarely get invited to anything because I’m so out of the way! And finally Easter, it was such a lovely family affair and Little Miss really enjoyed it.
Some things I have been loving… planning my trips, the one to the USA in August, the Disneyland one and now my holiday next year with Thomas Cook. I finally had a fence put up so being able to spend time in the garden has been lovely but now the weather is back to being rubbish again, boo! I have enjoyed doing crafts with Little Miss this month, not nearly as messy as I’d expected. And finally Twitter competitions!
Biggest regrets have been… Again, not sticking to my spending ban very well, that and falling apart because my ex was being a total rat again.
Next month I hope… It’s as fantastic as it’s supposed to be!
Next month I’m looking forward to… #bloggersteaspoon, Eurovision party, DYO Event, J & K coming to stay, DISNEYLAND PARIS, HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR, Bee’s birthday party. So much good stuff going on next month!
April was again, a pretty good month, so far 2014 is a really good year but I do still have that constant sense of doom hanging over me. How are things so good this year after being so terrible last year? Is something super awful heading my way? I can’t help feeling ill whenever I think about it too much. May is looking like a bloody awesome month for the second time this year (the first one being March) I really hope it turns out to be as fun as it’s supposed to be! 
Hope you all had a good April! What are you looking forward to in May?
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