MeMeMe Dark & Divine Mascara Review

As much as I absolutely adore my SLR, and believe me, I do, it is not the best when it comes to taking close up photos of my face. I think I may have to invest in a new lens eventually if I want to continue with make up reviews, because I always feel like I have to include a photo of it on my face, otherwise I could be telling you total tosh, right?

Anyway, the reason I’m going on about that is because today I’m reviewing a fab new mascara from MeMeMe. MeMeMe is a brand I have only just discovered back in January, but so far, I’m so incredibly impressed, not just with the quality, but with the prices. So I actually feel pretty excited to share this with you today.

MeMeMe Dark & Divine Mascara* RRP £8
Lets start on the packaging, very simple yet the contrasting fonts and black on gold definitely packs a punch. It’s eye catching and definitely works for a mascara called Dark & Divine. So much so that I decided throwing my Ebony Lotta Rosie hairband into the photos definitely worked well together. The gold colour is perfect to avoid the usual dirt that comes from products hanging around your make up bag which I personally love.
Next the brush shape and size. For me this is a very important part of a mascara. The long thin brush with rubber tips is my favourite kind for applying mascara. The small bristles are perfect for avoiding those horrible clumps. The pointed tip is great for applying mascara to the lashes in the corner of your eyes. In my opinion these applicators are perfect for applying mascara, not only that, they’re so simple to clean if they do start to get overloaded with product. They’re so easy to use especially if you like a thick coat.

The product itself is pretty awesome. It’s great for giving your eyelashes the look of being long and thick without that spidery appearance that you get from some mascaras. It’s also lightweight, which again is something that I really like as I hate having my eyelashes weighted down just so they look blacker than they naturally are. Although my lashes are quite long, they are brown and I much prefer them black which is why I like to use the blackest of black when it comes to mascara. As far as being waterproof goes, it has survived the first few weeks of hayfever season although it doesn’t pass the full on sobbing induced through watching a Disney film (although few mascaras do). It’s not too hard to remove, my Bioderma lifts it right off. 

Left, with Dark & Divine // Right, without
PLEASE ignore my awful complexion. I am working on it. And my hair needs dyed!

Now the price. £8. Yep, £8. And, this is a dupe for my beloved Benefit They’re Real, without a doubt. It gives my eyelashes the exact save appearance as They’re Real, but it’s a little easier to remove. I have been a devout They’re Real user since it’s release but as money is tighter these days I tend to buy the mini ones from blog sales or with Boots points, where I can now buy a different product that does the same things for less than half the price! It’s also a dupe for YSL’s Babydoll (which I have always said They’re Real is also a cheaper version of!)

MeMeMe, you do continue to pleasantly surprise me! Do you own any MeMeMe products?
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