Root7 Zing Anything Vodka Zinger Review & Giveaway

Often I get contacted by some unusual companies about product reviews, I don’t always accept if I don’t think it’s right for my blog, however a few weeks back I received an email from a company called Root 7, introducing me to a product that is perfect for Cocktails in Teacups. Having never heard of them before, I did my good research and discovered that Root 7 is a kitchen and barware company based in London. I can never turn down a chance to review a new gadget for the kitchen, even better if it’s something that uses alcohol, so here we have my review for the Vodka Zinger.
The Vodka Zinger, what’s that? I hear you all ask. Well it’s this nifty gadget that you use to flavour vodka (or other spirits for that matter) at home. So now can you see why this product is perfect for a blog with cocktails in the name? The idea behind it is that by flavouring your own vodka with natural flavourings and sugars should help you avoid the hangover that is more often than not caused by the artificial juices and mixers. I’m actually quite a fan when it comes to flavoured vodka but it usually costs more both in supermarkets and bars than your regular kind, so having the chance to flavour it home, with fruit and veg no less, I was there. The idea is to create all natural cocktails for all your friends by infusing fresh ingredients for various hours with plain ol’ vodka. So of course, that’s what I did. It comes with some ideas for flavouring but I went for strawberries and raspberries because that’s what we happened to have an abundance of.
Zing Anything Vodka Zinger* Root7

So to make delicious strawberry and raspberry vodka you need… strawberries, raspberries and vodka… ha! I also added a little bit of sugar for fear it might be a bit too bitter. And to use the Vodka Zinger you simply wash out first, then unscrew the bottom, fill with your chosen ingredients, getting in as much as possible. Then screw back on the bottom. Then unscrew the top, fill with vodka, give it a good shake (I’m a pro at this having spent a while as a cocktail waitress in my younger years) before putting it in the fridge to steep. You can leave it for any time between 1-24 hours, depending on how strong you’d like the flavour. I went for over night (a good 12-14 hours) and it was perfect. I poured it into a jug and it was  a gorgeous pink colour, which I then topped up with lemonade. When my sister came over I simply filled up two old school milk bottles that I use as cocktail glasses, stuck in some straws and served it. I have to admit, it was absolutely delicious, very much an alcoholic version of my pink lemonade I love so much. And so refreshing! I can’t wait to get cracking on some other flavour combinations this summer.You can also use it to flavour other things, like water, or even lemonade if you’re not big on your cocktails.
Not only that, but the Vodka Zinger looks like a fine piece of bar equipment. I really love the shape and design and especially the see through bottom section particularly when it’s filled with fruit, it looks really professional. Because it’s a vacuum insulated like a flask with a travel cap, it means it’s transportable.
And here is the very best bit, the lovely people over at Root7 are kindly giving a Vodka Zinger to one lucky reader of Cocktails in Teacups! I can’t stress enough how awesome this wee thing is especially if you enjoy coming up with your own cocktails (like I do!) All you have to do is enter using rafflecopter, you have until the end of the month, now go go go! 
Good Luck!
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