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Belo & Me Lunch Bag Review

I finally have my fence up around my back garden which means two things, firstly.. I feel safe enough to let Little Miss play out and secondly my garden is now so sheltered from the breeze that comes off the sea, it gets absolutely roasting hot. On Friday it was beautiful and as Little Miss had been a little angel I set up her playhouse from her bedroom in the garden and allowed her to play in her Sofia fancy dress. This definitely gave me a fine photography opportunity. I think the photos have turned out lovely, again due to the fact I’m slowly improving with my camera, so fingers crossed I’m able to share more of these sort of photos for one reason or another. 

Little Lunch Bag* RRP £3.75, Belo & Me
Little Miss rarely ever gets to enjoy the perks that come along with blogging. It’s mainly to do with the fact I don’t advertise myself as a parenting blog so therefore all the big companies that offer fabulous toys, or pushchairs or even children’s clothing rarely contact me to review a product that she would get pleasure from.So I’m always happy when I do get to review a product that’s suitable for her! I have plenty to say on the subject of being a mother and my daughter is very vocal when it comes to telling me what she does and doesn’t like! That meant of course, as soon as I saw that Belo & Me were looking for bloggers to review their cute as a button jute lunch bags, I volunteered myself and Little Miss to give them a try. 
Within the next few weeks, Little Miss is going to start going to nursery over one lunch time a week as she never eats anywhere unless it’s with me or my mum. My mum is an early years specialist and she thinks that this could become detrimental when Little Miss goes to school. So I have been on the hunt for a super cute (and not too costly) lunch bag for her to take. And this Little Lunch Bag in purple* definitely fits the bill.
It arrived super speedy but I wanted to wait for a sunny day to set up her playhouse and teddy bears picnic in the garden before handing over her new lunch bag. She was so excited and instantly filled it with play food from the kitchen. As you can see from the photos, it’s a perfect size for a toddler to carry (and my toddler happens to be small for her age and it still isn’t too heavy or oversized). The colour is perfect for a Sofia the First obsessive like Little Miss is and the fact it has “Lunch Time” written across it, there is no mistaking what it’s for! It would easily fit her juice bottle, sandwiches, crisps, yoghurt and fruit in it and because it’s made of jute it’s incredibly sturdy and strong. It’s brilliant quality and I know it’s going to get a lot of use.
And the best part? You can get these adorable lunch bags in an assortment of designs and colours… for £3.75 with £1.50 postage! They have designs that are suitable for all ages, hell I’d definitely use one if I had to eat my lunch else where.
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