#WLW Weight Loss Wednesday, Week 3
I’ve decided i’m going to weigh in every two weeks. I didn’t mean to miss a week last week but I was on my period (yeah, gross, bla bla bla) and that means I usually spend the whole week consuming my weight in chocolate. I didn’t even bother trying in the food department, I just comfort ate. It wasn’t until last night I consumed a whole bar of Dairy Milk an realised it was over 1000 calories, that I freaked out a little bit. No more big bars of chocolate for me, even if they are only £1! I have to admit, sugary sweet stuff is my down fall. As I’m on the go all day with Little miss, I just eat chocolate to keep my energy levels up as I now make sure I only have one coffee a day and one tea in the evening to ensure I don’t go to bed at the same time as Little Miss. Plus, I like chocolate and cake (although I haven’t had any cake since my first #WLW week!) 
I have upped my exercise though! Monday I walked three miles with a shopping filled pushchair and then the past two days I’ve walked a mile. I’ve purposely been making sure I walk every where as a form of exercise. I’ve even walked up the hill I live on twice which is massive! If I don’t loose weight I’m determined to be fitter at least! However this has completely backfired as all the walking and pushing a heavy buggy has given me really bad lower back ache. I hope it passes soon as it only hurts when I sit for too long as with all the traveling i’m doing this month, it’s going to be agony. 
So, now for the big reveal… did I or didn’t I loose…
Starting Weight – 9st 10lbs
Today’s Weight – 9st 9lbs
Total Loss = 1lbs
I didn’t expect it if i’m honest, because I have been eating rubbish food like a garbage disposal, but I guess all that walking is paying off. Even if it does mean I’m walking around stinking to high heavens of muscle rub! 
Don’t forget to check out Twice the Mum who I’m linking up with for #WLW!
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