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We’re now coming into what is known as Wedding Season. Last year some people I know attended 5/6 weddings from April to September! My cousin and her partner were so broke after all these weddings they couldn’t even afford to go on holiday! Since they were within the same group of friends she felt the need to have a different outfit for each. Thankfully her and my sister are the same size so my sister borrowed her some dresses to wear (my sister has enough clothes to fill two wardrobes). Thankfully I only have one wedding to attend this year, a family friend and it’s not until the end of August but that doesn’t stop me browsing for suitable summer wedding attire. I don’t have just myself to dress these days, but I have to make sure Little Miss is looking as adorable as possible! Which is probably why I’m starting my dress hunt now and I feel pretty lame admitting I want us to sort of match (well I don’t have a boyfriend/husband to compliment what I wear!) 
As for what style? In the past I would have always gone for sexy cocktail dresses, but now I’m heading towards my late twenties and a mother to boot, I think I need to look towards the more sophisticated styles, but hopefully just as fun. I’m a sucker for lace, but unless you go for it in cream, it can be a bit heavy for a summer wedding. I also love funky patterns but what is the chance of finding something for Little Miss that matches? My main thoughts have been in the floral region, or failing that, polka dots. So here is a little wishlist of some dresses I have bookmarked as ideas already;
L-R Mint Contrast Collar Dress, Lavish Alice // Paris Lace Dress, Oasis // Little Mistress Prom Dress, Scarlett Fashion
Summer Liana Lace Dress, French Connections // Willow Dress, Poppy Lux // Classic White Dress, Wear Eponymous
As you can see there are a lot of gorgeous dresses out there, but I’ve picked out six of my favourites that would be perfect for weddings this summer. They’re of various prices so something for every pocket, which of course is important if you don’t think you’ll ever be wearing it again. I’m notorious for this. I have so many pretty dresses in my wardrobe I’ve worn once or twice but never have anywhere else to wear them but every time an event comes up I feel the need to buy something new!
Anyway, starting at the top. In case you hadn’t realised it yet.. I’m a big big fan of mint for Spring/Summer. I know this isn’t very original but it’s actually a colour that goes really well with my skin tone and hair colour. I’m also a big fan of collars. As it’s fairly simple I think it could be worn again, in fact I’d wear it quite often but dressed down with brogues and a leather jacket rather than heels and a shrug. At £42 it wouldn’t break the bank and neither would the next one that comes in at £55. The magenta lace dress, named Paris, meaning I’m instantly drawn to it, in fact Oasis has a LOT of beautiful dresses I’d love to get my hands on this season…The final one in the top row is from my go to shopping destination for beautiful clothes, Scarlett Fashion. This place has some gorgeous pieces perfect for summer weddings in the sale at the moment, this Little Mistress one being no exception. The coral colour with cream overlay is the perfect for summer style. 
Onto the bottom row, the pastel pretty dress first on the left is a prime example of why French Connection is the place to shop for summer wedding attire. I’m a big fan of not only the colours, but the design and the fact it has 3/4 length sleeves which I love as it will hide my bingo wings perfectly. It’s up the top end of the price scale at £150, but it is such a beautiful dress. Next up, the Willow Dress from on of my favourite labels Poppy Lux. Usually this is the home of really modern designs, but I think this dress in particular has an Audrey Hepburn vibe. I think it’s the cut. It’s also a lot more pocket friendly at £39. The final dress is white. Now I know what you’re thinking, white to a wedding? Well a lot of people wear white to weddings these days (believe me, I spent two summers working them!) especially if the bride chooses not to. This dress in particular is again, a beautifully simple but classic cut with an incredibly price tag of £39.99. It’s from one of my newest shopping discoveries, Wear Eponymous, who contacted me on twitter a couple of weeks back. I think they’re going to be big, so keep an eye out for them!
Whether you got for white, or multi coloured, florals or lace, the really is something out there for whatever size and shape you are, so you still look hotter than the bride at the wedding, HA!
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