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If you know someone moving abroad soon then you might be wondering what to get them as a parting gift. Obviously, if they’re moving abroad then they may not have much room to take anything too substantial, so you need to think smart. Here are some great gift ideas for people moving to another country…

Personalised jewellery
If you want something that’s small enough to fit in even the most tightly packed of bags but is still incredibly personal, then some personalised jewellery would be a fine choice of going away gift. Jewellery brands such as Pandora or ChloBo sell various different charms and pendants, so you can choose ones that are synonymous with you, although they are on the expensive side. Etsy might be a cheaper, and arguably more personal, option if you’re on a budget.
Personalised photo gifts
If you’re vain enough to ensure that the person can still see your wonderful face when they’re miles away in another country, then you could get them one of the many different types of photo gift available. Sure, you could just get them a photo, but that’s a little dull; why not go for something a little more unusual like a mug or phone case with your delightful face plastered all over it. Websites such as have loads of different gifts available, and all you have to do is upload a photo and they’ll do the rest. Easy.
A scrapbook/journal
This is ideal if the person is going travelling rather than moving permanently. With a scrapbook or diary/journal, they can document their travels with anything they want to show you when they get back. You could also leave a nice little message in the front to remind them of you whenever they update it.
An e-reader
If the departing person is going travelling or faces some long-haul flights then they may well want something to read, and with bag space at a premium, chunky books are out of the equation. This is where e-readers come into their own as they’re so slim and light they fit perfectly into hand luggage. Amazon’s Kindle is the market leader here, although there are plenty of others available too.
Maps and travel guides
Not the most inspiring present in the world, but one that could come in very handy. You can get all kinds of Lonely Planet or Rough Guides books to help them pinpoint what they should be seeing on their travels, ideal for if they aren’t stopping long in a particular place.
Portable phone charger
Most people can’t go five minutes without their mobile phone, but if they’re off travelling then they might not have easy access to a plug socket with which to charge their phone. However, there are a number of portable phone chargers available than can charge a phone without the need for sockets, usually working through batteries. They’ll never need to be without Facebook again!
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