Nibnibs, Where Do You Nibble Yours? Review

Well haven’t we had a splendid weekend? Even though the past three days have started off pretty terrible and I had that brief moment of panic that goes something like “WHY DOES THIS PLACE ALWAYS MISS OUT ON THE SUPPOSED HEAT WAVES?” the weather has taken a turn for the best (for once!) Today we even had full factor (aka 50+ for both of us) on in the back garden! There was still a slight breeze and it definitely wasn’t shorts and sleeveless tops weather like it has been in other places around the country, and we definitely couldn’t have braved the beach! But compared to what we usually get, it has been good. Anyway, this is my round about way of explaining why I didn’t blog yesterday. Sun pretty much equates a tired Amy. I am making the effort today though. 
Today I’m armed with my mug of tea, a square of brownie that I made earlier and a face mask on, so I can tell you all about a lovely snack from Yorkshire, Nibnibs.

I was sent a delicious selection of Nibnibs to review including three boxes of the full size sticks one cheddar, one cheddar and onion and one cheddar and chili* along with four tubs of the Mini Nibs in the same flavours. And I have to be honest, and say once my sister and mum got wind of their arrival, they didn’t even last more than two weeks. 
So lets start with a bit of information about Nibnibs as a brand. I really don’t expect you to have ever heard of them but they are 100% homegrown in the UK. All the ingredients are locally sourced and baked in the Nibnibs bakery in North Yorkshire. Nibnibs themselves are cheese straws and cheese straw bites that really pack a punch. They main ingredients consist of British mature cheddar, British butter and wheat flour that is milled in Yorkshire. You honestly can’t get more local than that!
For a new company, I thought the packaging looked very professional. If I saw the boxes in a supermarket they would definitely be eye catching! The little tubs are resealable and they definitely keep the Mini Nibs fresh as those were the ones I used for my daughter’s snacks, keeping the full size sticks for myself and adult company. The full size nibs are also inside a generic clear plastic bag, much like regular supermarket breadsticks come in, but because the box is resealable they also kept fresh for a decent length of time once opened. 
I cannot fault them taste wise. They were so moreish that it was impossible just to have one, even for my sister and mum who are currently tackling Slimming World. Despite not being a fan usually of chili flavoured things, those happened to be my favourite. They didn’t leave your mouth burning afterwards and the hint of chili really complimented the cheese. I’d also like to note that like with your run of the mill cheese straws, these didn’t leave that dryness in your mouth, or make you feel the need to drink a gallon of water while consuming them. 
I personally preferred the mini nibs for handiness, and now I wish I had kept a couple of tubs behind to take on holiday with us next week. Due to the airtight lid these kept much longer and would be perfect for holidays or picnics, or even in a guest hamper. Little Miss loved eating them straight from the tub and because it was small enough (but packed full I should add) she was able to carry it around. I really had no problem with her eating them as a snack instead of fruit because I knew exactly where all the ingredients come from!
At the moment Nibnibs are trying to put themselves on the international map by seeking investment through Crowd Cube. And you can also find out more about them via their Facebook and Twitter. It would be wonderful if you could all support them.
So my verdict on Nibnibs? It’s a yes from me! And do you want to know my favourite place to nibble mine? In the bath while watching Pokemon on my iPad. Bliss.
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