Stationary at Viking Direct Review

Who doesn’t love new stationary? Who’s favourite part about going back to school in September, wasn’t the all important purchasing of the new pencil case and all it’s contends? I am guilty of that. And even now, I am a sucker for beautiful stationary. I have 101 gorgeous notebooks that I fill with ideas and lists, I have boxes of pencils all used for different things. Even when it comes to stationary for Little Miss, I’m a snob and always go for Crayola as my dad instilled in my sister and I that that is the best for a small child. Writing is a big part of my life, not just in regards to my blog, but in other things too. I make lists for everything, I do all my financial working out on paper and I have more than one diary and calendar. To sum this whole paragraph up, I couldn’t function without stationary, even more so than all my fancy gadgets. 
So obviously when I was offered the chance to review some items from Viking Direct, I definitely wasn’t going to turn that down. I’d never heard of Viking Direct prior to this, and when I first arrived at the website I felt like it was aimed at more schools, and businesses that bulk buy their stationary. But after five minutes of browsing, I discovered that it was also full of items that people like me could benefit from. And more excitingly, it sold Filofaxs. 
There is another story that goes along with my longing for a Filofax. A few years back my mother bought my sister one while she was depressed in an attempt to help her get her life together. It was this beautiful pink leather bound organiser that smelt so good and looked so grown up. I was so envious but I couldn’t afford anything more than my yearly diary from Paperchase. So I went without. She still has it, it’s endured well and she adores it. When I discovered that I’d be able to order my own from Viking Direct, you can imagine how insanely ecstatic I was! I have gone with the gorgeous purple one photographed above and it goes everywhere with me! It keeps all my to do lists, my shopping lists and my diary together (although I do still keep the separate ones going for blogging stuff) and I find so organised knowing I have it in my bag. They’re not the cheapest of items, but I can’t imagine not having it now. 
Along with the Filofax, I selected a pack of highlighters to use in my evening classes, some stick post it page markers, again in purple and finally, another dream stationary item, a pack of Stabilo coloured fine liners. These were something else I’ve always lusted over and I’ve been using them to colour code my Filofax! Stabilo is another good quality company, and the best part was that these were actually on offer! 
Viking Direct were a pleasure to work with, the dispatched my order promptly and it arrived the next day. Their site is chock full of products that can be used in jobs across the board. They also stock the most important of office supplies, tea, coffee and chocolate! Everything is reasonably price and offers are provided for bulk buys. Delivery is free if you spend over £30, which is easily done especially if you head to the customizable section, great if you’re starting up a small business and i’d like some personalised company products such as a stamp or letter head.
I am completely in love with everything I received. My post its have been used to mark pages in my travel guides, my highlights came in handy with revision the other weeks before my exams, the fine liners and Filofax has revolutionised my organisation so hopefully I’ll never forget another appointment again. Plus it’s just so damn beautiful!
Have you ever owned a Filofax? Would you order one from Viking Direct?
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