My Top 5 Game of Thrones Moments (so far) Challenge *

Recently Mecca Bingo challenged me to come up with my top five Game of Thrones moments and if i’m honest after Monday’s episode being so bloody awesome I really struggled to come up with just five.  Mockingbird has to be my favourite episode so far this season, if not of the series. So much good came of it and I definitely, laughed, cried and cheered which are all hugely important when it comes to whether or not I enjoy a program. Game of Thrones is a truly wonderful program, one of the few that my whole family get together to discuss. The characters are awesome, the millions of storylines all tie together and every episode leaves me wanting more, which is definitely due to the fact that there are only 10 per season! Although there is a lot of gore (urgh did anyone inwardly gag this week when The Mountain disembowled someone and Cersei just walked past it without batting an eye?!)
Anyway I could give you 101 different lists of different moments I love such as the best OH MY GOD moments (hello, The Red Wedding anyone?), best deaths (*cough* Joffrey *cough*), best lines, favourite characters and we’re only just over half way through season four! How many books are there?! But I’ve decided to just settle on my favourite moments across the four seasons. So beware, there be spoilers ahead! 
5. Little Finger and Lysa Episode 7, Season 4


This happened in the last episode and although Petyr “Little Finger” Baelish has become the character I love to hate I was so glad he finally got rid of that AWFUL Lyssa. She was probably the character I’d come to hate the most, there was nothing redeemable about her and she got what she deserved. It was so dramatic too, and sly, and cunning. In fact, it was just perfect and has to be my second favourite moment of the season. I have been enjoying finding out more and more about Little Finger and how he’s basically orchestrated the whole thing from the bloody beginning! I can’t believe how complex he is, even though his obsession with Sansa makes me feel kinda sick. 

4. Battle of Blackwater Episode 9, Season 2


This is probably my most memorable moment from season 2 which is why it’s made it in here because I felt I should at least have one thing that happened in each season. It’s when I really started to love Tyrion and see how clever he was. Plus the battle was pretty epic with the wildfire and Bronn firing the single arrow. I also kinda loved seeing Joffrey show the men how much of a coward he was and that everything he did was simply bravado. And we can’t forget Cersei completely losing the plot. However the most unforgettable moment was when Podrick really showed us what he was made of and won our hearts for ever by sticking the guy trying to kill Tyrion. 

3. Dracarys Episode 4, Season 3


So Daenerys has been my favourite character from the word go, even when she spent the best part of season 1 in the nude! It’s so good to see such a strong female character, I think about this a lot now I have a daughter of my own and I want her to have good role models. I feel that one of Daenerys’ most defining moments so far of the series was the moment the masters realise she can speak High Valyrian. Her calm command to Drogon was just bloody fantastic and probably the definitive moment of season 3, well at least for me anyway! 

2. Tyrion’s Speech Episode 6, Season 4


Another moment from the current season, I hope no one has forgotten how freaking awesome it was yet! When Tyrion let loose on everyone in the court at his trial when he’s charged for killing Joffrey. The hate in his voice is amazing and you can see how much of a bloody awesome actor Peter Dinklage is. This moment sparked a reverent texting conversation between my sister, dad and I and we also had another conversation about it over the weekend. Anyone who doesn’t love Tyrion really needs to get off my blog, he is clearly the best character in the whole series. 

1. Daenerys and the Dragons Episode 10, Season 1
So, my all time favourite moment of the whole series? Is when Daenerys finally lays Khal Drogo to rest and burns his body on the beach, before walking into the flames. The next morning the flames die down and she’s still alive with three baby dragons. The mother of dragons is born and I had goosebumps. This really sealed Daenerys fate as my favourite character because it was just so awesome. Whenever I tell anyone about Game of Thrones, this is the scene I always tell people about. Daenerys, wife of Drogo dies, and she is reborn in flames. It basically sums up the whole series for me. Death, love and fire. 
What do you think of Game of Thrones? What are your favourite moments from the past four seasons?

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