Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

Hands up who has ever eaten cake for breakfast? I have to admit, I’m guilty for having it whenever we have cake (or chocolate for that matter) in the house. I make Little Miss her breakfast then I hide out in the kitchen with my cup of tea and something sweet. At least I manage to be a good mother even when my sweet tooth gets the better of me. So of course, imagine my excitement when a cake drops through my letter box at breakfast? I smuggled it straight into the kitchen while Little Miss was sat eating her toast and banana and cut myself a few slices to have with my tea. 
The cake was of course care of the fabulous people at Baker Days. I had been envious of all the other bloggers getting cake through there door (come on, if there is EVER a reason to have blogger envy it’s over cake!) and finally it was my turn! Cake mail is 100% the best kind of mail there is. 

Keep Karma Chocolate Letter Box Cake* £16.49, Baker Days
It arrived in a white cardboard box that was the perfect size for fitting through my letterbox. On opening it there was a cute little greeting card, a party blower and a tin. Yes an actual cake tin that I can reuse again! I quickly got it out the box and onto the counter. It was clear to see the cake was going to be really thin before even opening it. But once I did prize the lid off I was hit by the sweet smell of rolled icing mixed with a hint of chocolate. The design is simple and in royal icing, the colours are vivid and it looks exactly as it does on the website. I was already happy with the presentation before I’d even tasted the cake. If someone sent one to me for a birthday I would be incredibly happy. 
After I’d made myself a cup of tea, I cut into the cake. You can see from the photo it was about the size of my hand and could be consumed by one person with a fork, however I also wanted Little Miss’ verdict so I divided it into six to make it easier to share. The cake cut really easily and you could tell how moist it was because it didn’t crumble apart. The other thing I was incredibly pleased about when I cut into it was the fact the icing was thin. I’m not a huge fan of royal icing, the thinner the better in my eyes. The cake itself was a beautiful rich chocolatey colour and it smelt delicious. It also taste delicious and I ate two slices consequently to satisfy my morning hunger. Mid morning I had another slice along with Little Miss and I can say it was a hit with her too!
Baker Days letterbox cakes are a perfect gift if you’ve forgotten someones birthday or you want to put a smile on their face but live too far away. They have cakes for all different occasions as well as categories for age/gender/theme. They also make personalised cupcakes which would be perfect for parties! Not only that but they also cater for gluten free and dairy free, which I think is a wonderful service to offer. No one should miss out on cake! 
Who and why would you send a Baker Days letter box cake?
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