Guest Post // Step by Step: Pastel Floral Mani by The Nail Polish Bible

Hey guys, you’re probably wondering who I am – I’m Nara (The Nail Polish Bible) and I’m doing a guest post for Amy! I’m a nail polish/beauty blogger and have a crazy obsession with nail polish! So, I decided to show you all a nail art look that you can all easily do at home! 

Pastel colours are really in this spring and I decided to go along with that theme and put together a super easy nail art look for you all to recreate! All you need is 4 colours and a dotting tool or anything to create dots! 

For this look I used Banana Split, Pastel Pink, Cornflower Gleam and White Light by Models Own (not a sponsored post). Of course you can choose any colour combination but I’m loving these colours at the moment. You could even go neon with this, which is what I’ve done recently (I’ll post a picture at the end).

First things first you want to prep your nails with a base coat. I like to use Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Strength, from all the base coats I’ve experimented with I think this has been the best!  The formula is infused with green tea and moisturising bamboo which has helped restore my nails to a good condition which means all that tearing and peeling has stopped.

After this, you’ll want to choose two pastel colours (or any colour of your choice) and paint 2 coats of this on your nails. You can do one colour or do what I did and do the two colours on alternate nails.

With your dotting tool or anything that can create circles, you want to dip the end into Cornflower Gleam and create 5 dots or circles that are attached to each other. This is the foundation of your flower and as you can see is super easy – 5 simple dots!

You want to do this across all of your nails so it’s a print. Don’t make them all the same because not all prints are identical. This also gives more of a relaxed look and hand painted rather than looking like stickers.

To complete the flower, use a white to create the centre of the flower with a dotting tool – do this on all of the flowers you painted on. 
Seal in the design with a top coat. Seche Vite is my saviour and what I love about this is that I can actually run my fingers through my hair or get dressed within 5 minutes of applying the top coat! It dries that fast and doesn’t streak the design underneath too! 

So here are some more photos of the design! How easy was that?

Here are two other colour combos you could try out – as you can see this design is very adaptable! You can even make the flowers smaller or larder depending on your personal preference.

Colours used in this photo are: Bikini, Sundress and White Light (Models Own).
Colours used in this photo are: White Light, Lilac Dream and Turquoise Gloss (Models Own)
Let me know what you think of this spring nail art look! I’d also love to see your interpretations on this! 

Lots of Love,

The Nail Polish Bible


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I’d also like to give a massive thank you to Amy for allowing me to do a guest post! Hugs!
Hope you enjoyed Nara’s post, look out for more guest posts coming this week!
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