Lincoln Blogger Meet 21st June 2014

If you follow my best friend Bee over at Journeys are my Diary, you’ll already be well aware of this. But in case you don’t, I’m here to fill you in. In less than a months time, Bee and I are going to be holding a blogger meet in my old haunt, Lincoln! I thought that I best share this with all my readers in case any of them wish to join us. And to let you all into a little bit on what our lovely attendees will be getting up to while they’re there. 
First off, as you now know it will be in Lincoln. Aside from my hometown, Lincoln is one of the two other places I have called home. I have lived there for a grand total of five years which is just under a fifth of my life! During my time there I lived with Bee on two separate occasions and my other best friends Jess & Kariss for a year and a half. Both these were some of the best times of my life! I also attended university in Lincoln and it’s the first place I ever lived away from home. Not only that, but my daughter was born there! This place also holds a special place in Bee’s heart. Along with the fact rarely anything blogger related happens here! 
It’s also really easy to get to for all you midlands gals and guys, and a real lovely city to explore. There are great shops, boutiques, architecture and of course we’ll be arranging somewhere to go for lunch! We’re hoping to arrange a wonderful day where you can meet up with fellow bloggers, chat, eat, shop and most importantly, have fun! 
At the moment, we have a very vague schedule, we’ll be releasing the full itinerary of the day closer to the 21st June when we have 100% finalised everything. We will of course be having lunch. But along with that we’ll be putting together a few activities and of course, a giveaway for you all. There will also be time for the all important shopping. Anyway, this is what we’ve put together so far! 
  • Meeting at 10/10:30 at the train station – This gives people time to arrive and find us. It’s also close to the bus stop.
  • Set off on the unique activity we’re arranging for you all.
  • Meet for lunch – At the moment we’re voting to eat at Ask or Carluccios. If you decide to come, you get a vote. Here we’ll present everyone with a goody bag and have our giveaway. 
  • Hopefully an afternoon activity.
  • Shopping! 
We have already had some interest from some fab brands for goody bags and we have some wonderful giveaway prizes for you all too (I want to win them all!) We are also hoping to collaborate with some of the stores in the city!
So now, my question for you all… ARE YOU IN?
If you fancy joining us next month, please drop us a line at or if you have a question you can contact us via twitter, i’m @teacupcocktails & Bee is at @dontletmefade . We’d love to see you there!
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