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#WLW Weight Loss Wednesday, Week 7 & an Ilumi Review
It’s come around to that time again. Meh. Before I go into numbers I want to make it be known I am now knuckling down with this diet thing. I will not have another set of holiday photos ruined by the fact I want to cut myself out of them. Because that’s how I feel about the Disneyland Paris photos. I can say it’s to do with the fact my mother can’t take a good photo of everyone, but it’s not, it’s to do with the fact I look dreadful! So dreadful I’ve cried about it. But in reality, there is no point in crying, I have to get off my butt and do something about it. I vow to be 9 stone when I step back on a plane in 9 weeks time. Yes 9 weeks. 
Starting Weight – 9st 10lbs
Today’s Weight – 9st 10lbs
Gained/Loss – Maintained
Total Loss = 0lbs
So, I have 10lbs to loose in 9 weeks, that’s just over 2lbs a week. I’m cutting out all alcohol, all takeaways and limiting my eating out.  So far this week I’ve made a huge effort to stay under my 1200 calories. Tonight I ever separated my eggs as the whites make for a much less healthier omelette and I WEIGHED OUT CHEESE! I also walked home from town in the rain. WHO AM I?! 
Once again I’m linking up with Twice the Mum for #WLW head over to their blog to see how they’re getting on! 
Anyway, as I mentioned in the title, today’s #WLW is a duel post as I thought anyone reading about weight loss may be interested in hearing what I have to say about Ilumi*, a fab gluten, diary, nut free brand of foods. I was lucky enough to receive a big box filled with some of their products in March, enough to try their meal plan for a week and see if it could aid in loosing weight and boosting energy. 
I was sent a box of porridge for breakfast, some oat cakes and biscuits for snacks, 7 different lunches from soups to rice dishes and 7 evening meals that came with a rice side as you advised to buy your own pasta, veg and bread. I also received two bottles of gluten free beer to have at the weekend. 
My sister is gluten intolerant and after a week of constantly checking labels and eating my selection of Ilumi dishes it made me realise it wasn’t just something people say for the fun of it, it’s hard work and I found myself feeling mighty sorry for my sister as my bread crumbled into my bowl of soup one day. Gluten free bread is actually revolting. THANKFULLY, the Ilumi pouches were delicious. 
Ilumi believe that even though they’re skipping the allergens, their food won’t compromise on taste and I general believe that to be true. Every dish I tried was delicious, even the ones I didn’t think I’d enjoy in the beginning such as a couple of the Thai curries. In fact I preferred the gluten free rice to the stuff that contains gluten! All the pouches are so easy to heat up, you can use the microwave or a pan on the hob, they also don’t need to be refrigerated. 
Below are a couple of examples of my day in gluten free food;

As you can see, the packaging is fantastic! Everything you need to know about what’s inside is right there on the front which is not only great for if you have allergies, but also if you’re trying to loose weight and you want to see the exact calorie and fat content. If I saw Ilumi products on the shelf I’d definitely want to pick them up and have a read.  I also had fruit and veg but they didn’t get photographed. As you can see I went out and bought gluten free bread, yoghurts and some Nakd bars. I also bought some pasta and some gluten free sponge puddings as I like something sweet after dinner. I tried really hard if I went out for coffee or lunch, only choosing the gluten free option, which I was horrified to find there was so little choice! 
However, I can tell you that by the end of the week, my skin had improved loads and I did have more energy. I was getting up earlier and not feeling the need to nap during the day (not that I ever get to nap anyway, I just didn’t feel like it). Having more energy is one of the main aims of Ilumi and I’m happy to remote this is definitely something I felt through my week with Ilumi I managed to achieve.
I did treat myself to some gluten free pancakes during the week though, and they were delicious!
Have you ever tried Ilumi? Do you think you’d be able to go gluten free for a week?
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