Outfit of the Day – The Girl at the Rock Show

Firstly, I am well aware that my festival fashion inspired post isn’t something you’d wear to a “rock show” in fact my usual rock show attire consisted of a tank top, tutu skirt and high tops! However this is the only song I could think of off the top of my head that reminded me of festivals. Maybe because one of the lines is “I couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour” and the Warped Tour is the only festival I’d now want to go to.
When I used to go to festivals there wasn’t such a thing as “festival chic” everyone looked grubby together, everyone went the whole weekend without washing their hair and we didn’t bother with dry shampoo. Everyone brushed their teeth outside their tent with a bottle of water. Festival season once stood for spending the whole time drunk, dancing like an idiot and sleeping in fields. Now there is a whole “look” that goes along with it. And I do love the festival look, it’s casual and it’s cool but it’s not what I’d have ever worn to my years at Leeds Fest. In fact that last time I went I spent the whole time in a bikini top and shorts, so much better than wearing a bra! I think I wore the same face paints all weekend! 
Anyway, I’m going off topic! As usual this week has been a bit of a wash out but it has still been warm. Which means wellies and dresses/skirts/shorts, which is what has inspired today’s look. 

Oversized Grey Cardigan (ancient), Primark
Warehouse Mint Green Vest* £4, House of Fraser
Tan Woven Belt (ancient), Primark
Vero Mod Denim Shorts* £15.40, House of Fraser
Grey Knee High Socks (ancient), Primark
Melissa Bow Wellies (last year), Office
Where Is My Prince? Necklace* £15, A Curious Fairytale
Not a Lotta Rosie Hairband in Cream £15, Crown and Glory
Moonstone Ring (ancient), Dixi
I think I’ve covered all the staples, right? Flower headband, check, denim shorts, check, knee high socks with wellies, check. The shorts and vest top are actually c/o House of Fraser, who were kind enough to let me pick out a couple of bits for summer. I’m actually in love with the shorts, they’re not too short which is exactly what I was after, pretty much every pair i’ve tried on this year have shown a butt cheek and that’s not a look I’m going for these days. And to go with them I choose a lovely basic vest in mint which is my current favourite colour to wear. The quality of the top is wonderful, just what I’d expect from a Warehouse product. I have to admit I was so surprised at how many brand names House of Fraser catered for! The one I used to go to in Lincoln had so few! I was really impressed. My cardigan, tan belt and knee high socks are actually staples I’ve had in my wardrobe for years, I love how comfy the cardigan is and the socks and belt go with a lot of things. My wellies are ones I picked up in the Office sale last Spring, they’ve done me well and I think they’re so much cuter than normal wellies. Even though they’re by Melissa I’m sure they only set me back £15! Accessories wise, my rose hairband is of course, Crown and Glory, I can’t go past them for all things pretty for my hair. This hairband actually came in my latest mystery box, I already know I’ll be purchasing another one before my summer holiday! My ring is an old one I picked up in a Dixi sale, I love Dixi jewellery and it’s perfect festival style. Finally, my necklace is c/o A Curious Fairytale, a truly wonderful store on Etsy. They sent it to me to review a few weeks back and it really describes my thinking perfectly! The full review will be up next week so look out for that! 
And just for laughs, here is my disgusted face at the idea of sleeping in a tent in a muddy field at the ripe old age of 26. Nuhuh! No way. Hotels all the way!
No idea what is going on with my chin!
What do you think of “Festival Fashion”? Is it something you strive for when you’re going to a festival, or do you just like it for every day wear like me?
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