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Disney in Details – Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Paris

I’ve decided that i’ve held you all in suspense for long enough in regards to what I got up to on my holidays to Disneyland Paris. I took over 800 photos over four days, which is a lot to narrow down to a few to share on my blog. Instead of doing a day by day in depth analysis, I’m going to split the photos into the hotel, Disneyland Park, Disney Studios Park, where we ate and finally a post of tips from my experience. I did the whole “we did this, this and this” with Paris, but I know how long it made the post. I also know a photo can say a thousand words, so I’m going to share my best. Since coming home it’s made me realise I am a total novice with my camera! I really hope to have improved by my next holiday in August, at least learning which settings to use and when!
Today I’m starting with our hotel, which was one of the Disney hotels, albeit one of the cheapest but still, Disney is Disney and it by no means felt like a cheap hotel. In fact I have nothing but positive things to say about the place.

I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive after reading some online reviews and hearing some tales of the place, but I genuinely don’t have a bad word to say about Hotel Cheyenne where we booked to stay for four nights. When I was booking there was the choice between here and Hotel Santa Fe, they were both the same price but Hotel Cheyenne had bunks and Santa Fe had twin doubles. That was sort of the deciding point for me as I was going with my mum, I didn’t want to share with her or LM (although I did end up sharing with LM in the end!) I also stayed her for two nights while on my Paris trip with the school, 16 years ago and I loved it! And you know what, going back as an adult it was even better!

As we came by train rather than an airport transfer or Eurostar, there was hardly anyone checking in at the same time as us, but it was slow once you reached the counter as I had restaurant reservations to confirm, park passes, directions, breakfast times as well as the usual check in things. She also explained about Disney Dreams and extra hours so I was stood there for a good 15 minutes but I didn’t expect anything else. I had purposely booked a room incredibly near the main building, and I’m so glad I did as the actual complex was massive! Poor LM would have been exhausted before we’d even reached the parks every morning. I also requested a bed side which was provided at no extra cost.

The room itself was spacious with a ceiling fan, a TV that had Disney Channel & Junior in English which made life so much easier for us as it meant LM was happy watching her fav shows in bed until my mum and I were ready to sleep. It was all in a cowboy style which I loved, especially the lights above the bunk beds. The beds themselves were very spacious, so much so when I ended up sharing a bunk with LM we each had plenty of room. The bathroom was spotless and had a fantastic over the bath power shower as well as some Disney toiletries I obviously brought home with me!

We ate in the hotel restaurant The Chuck Wagon Cafe once for an evening meal, the night we arrived and I won’t lie, it was expensive for what it was. For my mum and I (LM ate free unless we ordered specifically for her) it was 54e for buffet and a carafe of wine. We arrived at 5:30 and everything was fresh out and piping hot. It was all BBQ and cowboy esq food but there was something for all of us, including LM. The desserts were amazing and there was even a counter solely for cheese (I did think of you Bee!) The staff were outstanding. The manage ever came over and spent some time talking to LM and playing with her on the iPad giving my mum & I a chance to eat. Like I said, we ate early, when it was quiet.  
We also had breakfast three out of the four mornings we were there. The first morning we ate at the Disneyland Park because we couldn’t get an early enough breakfast reservation and I wanted to take advantage of the extra park hours. But the breakfast was good for being something that came free with the room. Very busy no matter what time you came at. We did 7:00am, 8:30am and 9:45am and all of them were packed. It was your standard continental which pleased my mum and Little Miss down to the ground as that’s all they ever have. I was happy with the croissants and a cup of tea! We also filled up a lot of bottles with water and no one minded, it seemed it was the done thing at no extra cost.
There was an onsite gift shop which had a lot of choice for somewhere so tiny, not only that you could get anything you bought in the parks sent there to be collected later for free. I used this service when I bought ornaments from the Christmas shop under Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. There was also a games room, which was better for children older than Little Miss, a playground and during the day you could have a pony ride. The place was beautiful and the attention to detail was unreal, it really was like a proper Wild Western Town and you could see Disney’s mark on everything. The best part is that every morning between 8:00 and 11:30 two different Disney characters did a meet and greet right outside our hotel! We managed to meet Donald, Goofy and Pluto this way and there was barely any queue.
Anyway, I’ve written way more than I thought and this has ended up being a downright review of the hotel. Oh well, in that case, I’d 100% recommend Hotel Cheyenne to anyone booking a Disneyland holiday. There is a free shuttle to the parks that runs every 15 minutes, the staff are wonderful to the point that they sent my mum’s phone here after she left it in her room and it arrived less than a week later, the beds are comfortable and even though it’s the cheapest, you still get the experience of staying in a Disney hotel. If I got back, I won’t hesitate to stay here again.
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