National Best Friends Day

My “to write” posts are really getting on top of me at the moment, so expect a couple of days next week to have two! However ever today, since it’s National Best Friends day, I had to bring you all another post about my wonderful friends, in particular, my best friends. I know I’ve wrote a few posts about my best friends, or at least, I’ve included them in a lot of my more personal posts, but sometimes just feel like I need to give them a shout out for being so awesome.
Originally Bee and I were going to do a guest post swap, but I completely forgot today was the day until she gave me a shout out on Facebook at lunch time! So instead she wrote a lovely post about myself, and her other best friend Nat (who she co-writes Twice the Mum with). And I’m doing the same about my best friends. 
This year will be ten years since I very first met Bee (of Journeys are my Diary, since I love to give her a plug on here), in person anyway. As I met her “online” in an online role play chat called Deckleswood (that I blogged about way back in January) that she and her brother ran. In the September (can’t remember the exact date, sorry Bee!) I went to visit when she was pregnant with her first daughter, who will be 10 this year! After that I don’t think she could get rid of me although I would say it took just over a year until we were best friends, that was sealed when she had me to visit after I broke up with a boyfriend in the January 2006. We had an interesting time painting her lounge and drinking possibly the worst wine to date! My memories of my late teens and early twenties are dominated by memories of adventures and crazy times we had. She was even one of the main reasons I chose Lincoln for uni and she even came to help me move in (and meet my parents for the first time!) I remember the first time I met both her daughters and it’s strange to say up until my nephew and daughter were born, they were the kids I loved most in the world, still now I absolutely adore them. She has been there for me through everything and she’s been the one who has dealt with all my teenage angst and early twenties drama. She is without a doubt the big sister I never had, and she 100% knows more about me and what I like and dislike than anyone else I know. She looks out for me and I’d trust her with anything. She is an amazing person and I miss her like crazy, I know i’m incredibly lucky to have her as my best friend. We have so much history and I hope that we just continue to add to the list of crazy stuff we’ve done together, like setting fire to her lawn! I’m really looking forward to next year when we can do one thing we’ve been planning for about the past 5 years, visit Florida together! She’s the Elsa to my Anna and the Elphaba to my Glinda. Because I knew you, I have been changed, for good.

I have two other best friends, who I have a completely different friendship with. They’re my best friends from uni, my partners in crime, Jess and Kariss (of Shy, Strange and a Little Bit Manic). Kariss was the first friend I ever made at uni, I think we bonded over music we both liked. Jess was the second friends I made at uni, again I think we bonded over our love for Brand New and Bright Eyes. Then one night we all went out and ended up absolutely wasted that none of us can really remember what happened, other than Jess flashing her butt in a take away. Our friendship is immature, the kind you see in high school chick flicks and they definitely bring out the worst in me but in a good way. The year and a half I spent living with them was the funniest year of my life, some evenings we spent watching crap on tv together we laughed so much I almost wet myself. We have the same sense of humour and just bounce off one another. Anyone who says twos a company threes a crowd obviously never met us, I could never imagine having one without the other. Like with Bee, I can go ages without seeing them but as soon as we’re together it’s like nothing has ever changed. Although life has pulled us all in completely different directions, and more so in directions none of us could have ever predicted. I hope in another ten years when we’re approaching 40, we’re still laugh at ourselves as much as we do know and I hope we still like to go out and get smashed on all the cocktails and play hard to get with the guys! There is no judgement between us and we have supported each other through a string of shitty life choices we have made, because after all, that’s 100% what friends do. We’re Chasey Lane, The Girl All The Bad Guys Want & The Girl at the Rock Show. 

If I’m honest, I had a rough time right through school and even in college. I was never popular and I never had a lot of friends. But these days, I feel more popular than ever! Aside from my best friends, I have a wonderful and hilariously smutty group of friends that Bee is also a part of. I have so much fun at each monthly event, be it Murder Mystery or just a general get together. It’s a group I’m so thankful to be part of, and I’m especially glad that I get on so well with Nat nowadays. This group is sometimes larger, and sometimes smaller depending on who is visiting at the time at Christmas it was so nice to have Namu (she blogs at Turquatic) and Marianna also visiting. I’m looking forward to spending time with Namu this summer while I’m off adventuring in the US.
I also have a lot of people i’d class as friends that I have met through blogging, Hayley (of Strangeness and Charm) being the closest of them all, so close in fact we went to Paris together. She often comes to visit me and she is one of the genuinely lovely people in the “blogging world” she’s incredibly supportive and I’m glad to have her in my life. I could continue the list of all the wonderful friends i’ve made through my blog, but they all know who they are (and I want to go lie in the bath!). I will give a very special shout out to Em, Becky, Leona, Rachel, Vicks, Mungle, Sian and Marie for the wonderful mass whatsapp conversation you’ve allowed me to be part of for the best part of a month, you ladies are my soul sisters, thank you for sharing your ups and downs with me! 
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