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Disney in Details – Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris

It was so incredibly hard to narrow down which photos to use for this post dedicated to the Disneyland Park. I took the majority of my photos here, especially the first day when the weather was beautiful! Originally we’d planned to spend the third day between the two parks, but after finishing the whole of the Studios park in one day, we ended up spending another day in the main park. And I am so glad, because like with Magic Kingdom in Florida, it’s my favourite.
Like with everywhere owned by Disney, the attention to detail is just amazing, especially the castle. If I’m honest, I think the castle in Disneyland Paris, is much more beautiful than the one in Disney World, I think it’s the pastel colours and the design. The last time I went to the Paris park, we didn’t get to enjoy Fantasyland or the castle, which really was a shame. However this time, with having Little Miss, that is where we spent the majority of our time. Her two favourite rides were the Mad Hatters Teacups which she rode EIGHT times, and It’s a Small World (or peoples dancing, as she calls it) three. She also rode Peter Pan & Pinocchio twice each. There was always something to look at and see, she was constantly entertained and our times in the parks were actually tantrum free, which is pretty impressive for a two year old little person. Especially how the night we saw Disney Dreams we didn’t leave the park until 11:30pm! It was worth it though and I’m sad to say my camera battery died so I couldn’t take any photos. I sobbed my little heart out at it. 
Anyway, the photos. These are just a tiny handful of what I actually took, it was so hard to find ones that weren’t of LM’s face, I took so many of her.

The first day we spent in this park it was glorious sunshine and so hot. Disney is best when it’s sunny and hot. It also meant we got some gorgeous photos. The second time we went it was miserable for most of the day, however by the time we went back in the evening for Disney Dreams it had dried up and was warm for 11pm at night. The ran didn’t take anything away from the day, and it actually meant that the queues were much shorter as few were prepared to stand for a long time, especially the places that weren’t under cover. The longest queue I waited in was to get a reservation for the Princess Pavilion. That was an hour and a half but luckily it was advised that not all the party wait in the queue, meaning my mum took Little Miss off on some rides. I had my kindle app so I didn’t mind standing in the drizzle and it was 100% worth it when she got to meet Ariel, who happens to be one of my favourite princesses. It melted my heart seeing her, she was completely in awe and was lucky enough to spend a good five minutes with her. It was adorable, and my favourite moment of the whole trip! We also queued to see Mickey Mouse, which was incredibly special but we later realised was a little bit pointless as we saw him at the character meal and we spent much more time with him.
As it was brilliant sunshine the first day, we saw both the Springtime Show on the stage by the castle and the parade. We had brilliant spots for all of them as we have the experience from Florida. We camped out on the road side with refreshments for a good hour and Little Miss entertained the crowd by dancing around.The parade was brilliant, so much character interaction and the show was surprisingly entertaining, albeit a bit short though. I really wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney! We also did a lot of walking the first day, trying to find our way around. By the afternoon we were glad to take the steam train right around the park. The second day we spent much more time going on rides. Although we covered many of them by taking advantage of the two hours extra from 8am. Little Miss has talked non stop about all the rides, she wasn’t afraid of any of them, even Buzz Lightyear where you have to go around and shoot all the aliens. We only missed out the Haunted Mansion due to lack of time but I would have been more than happy to take her on it. 
I had been warned that after visiting Florida I would be disappointed by Disneyland Paris, but I wasn’t in the slightest. It is smaller but all the magic is there. My dad is talking about going as a big group in 2016 and I wouldn’t hesitate in booking to go back, purely for this park! 

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