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Holiday Happenings for 2015

This is my first time ever blogging from my phone, however since I’m away again this weekend I wanted to get something up, but then I ran out of time! So here is my little post for you all today!
If you read my best friend Bee’s blog Journeys are my Diary (and you all should!) this will be old news to you… But this week we both booked holidays to Orlando for April next year! Bee is going with her family & mum for 2 weeks and Little Miss & I are going for 10 days. Although my whole holiday is during their time there we are staying in different places (I have checked them out on google maps though OBVIOUSLY!) Hopefully we will meet up every day though, if I haven’t bored her to death with my excitement! 
There is a whole background story to this little dream come true holiday. We originally looked at holiday’s to Florida together 5 years ago and Bee always said for her she couldn’t see it being earlier than 2015! Not only that but we have always had a pact that if one of us won the lottery we’d take the other to Disney World. It’s making me more excited knowing we are finally going to be there together. Well at the same time anyway! 
Anyway I’m sure you’ll see this mentioned on both our blogs over the next 290 odd days, so this is an advanced warning! 
Enjoy your weekend (I know I will!) x
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