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I feel like I have been really absent from the blogosphere of late but it’s down to two reasons, First is that since returning from my holiday I have been so incredibly tired which wasn’t aided by the fact Little Miss was then unwell and ended up sleeping in my bed, which means I get no sleep as I have a fear of rolling on her. Second reason is next Saturday is the Lincs Blogger Meet, Bee and I have been planning since March. Because of this my evenings have been spent doing stuff for that as at the moment that is my priority. But from next Monday I promise Cocktails in Teacups will be back to it’s former glory. I hope anyway. 
So today I’m doing a well over due Shopping Spotlight, on a delightful little Etsy store, A Curious Fairytale
I found A Curious Fairytale through Twitter, when they were promoting their store last month through sending out some of their products for review by bloggers. I obviously messaged them straight away as I love to support any brand that indulges my love of the whimsical and fairytale. Of course I had a browse of their shop first, and although they have some real gems, I instantly fell in love with one particular necklace. I of course told them so, and even though the products they were sending out to bloggers were supposed to be at random, when mine arrived I literally screamed with excitement to see I had received the perfect necklace for me.

Where Is My Prince? Necklace* £15, A Curious Fairytale
Firstly, A Curious Fairytale were wonderful to work with. Of course it made me so happy to receive a necklace I’d told them I liked, but they were wonderful over Twitter informing me when it was posted out so I knew when to watch out for it. 
It arrived beautifully wrapped as you can see above with a little message on the back of the business card which I thought was a really nice touch. The tissue paper was stamped with the store name and I think that was definitely a nice touch. I have kept the paper, re-used the ribbon and on a gift for my mum and I have the business card in my purse. 
The necklace itself is really well made, and is so different. People always comment on it, even my best friend’s daughter who went on to inform me that my Prince just hasn’t arrived yet, which is adorable. It really appeals to me as a single girl, who even though I don’t need a man, I want one to come along and sweep me off my feet. I’m really into cameo photo necklaces at the moment, especially as Princess pendants. Simple but still make a statement. 
A Curious Fairytale has a lot of other gorgeous pieces, to go with this one, I love the Once Upon a Time necklace which also retails for £15 and this acrylic Mary Poppins inspired necklace. But for those of you not as heavily into Disney and Fairytale’s there are loads of other brilliant pieces, you’re bound to see something!
Thank you so much A Curious Fairytale, I’m glad I’ve been able to give one of your Where Is My Prince? necklace such a loving home! It has become something I wear more than once a week and even when the day comes when I do finally find my prince, I’ll look at this necklace and remember the time I was alone fondly.
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