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Disney in Details – Disney Studios, Disneyland Paris

I can hardly believe i’m up to my third (of five, I think) Disneyland Paris posts. This time I’m focusing on the Disney Studios Park which we spent our second day at. This whole park was technically new to me since when I last visited Disneyland Paris there was no Studios Park, however I think it’s supposed to be a smaller version of MGM Studios in Orlando, well Hollywood Studios as it’s now known. Although, in my opinion this park is a far cry from it’s American cousin. In fact, I guess I’d go as far as to say I was slightly disappointed in it. Not so much that I disliked it, but after spending the day in the main park, and finding it a wonderful place, I was a little shocked at how small this was in comparison. It also didn’t help that a) there wasn’t much for a two year old and b) it rained on and off all day.
I did manage to take some great photos and as usual the attention to detail was second to none, I also managed to find quite a few of the Hidden Mickey’s scattered about which always makes me smile.

As I mentioned above there was very little in the way of attractions for Little Miss. We did Stick Live (in English), Disney Junior Live (again, in English) which were both brilliant for her and she thoroughly enjoyed. I have to be honest and say that Lilo and Stitch was one movie I owned but had never watched but since Stich Live was so funny we both watched it when we got home and really enjoyed it! Disney Junior Live was possibly one of Little Miss’ favourite things from the whole trip. First off in the holding room, Sofia was there and she got a kiss (but I didn’t get a photo because I was holding her, grr) and then the actual show we all sat on the floor and everyone was puppets! Plus since it was old-er Disney Junior shows many kids and parents didn’t know the songs, but as I love a lot of the old shows from watching them with Bee’s girls Little Miss has them on DVD so her, my mum and I sang at the top of our voices. Oh such fun! We also did the backlot tour which was one of the only things that scared her, and only the bit at Catastrophe Canyon. She loved the actual being on the bus bit. We did the Slinky Dog ride which was like a mini coaster that went in a circle, it was quite fast but she loved it. And that my friends, is it. Thankfully, once again we had prime spots for the parade meaning she got some character interaction (Ariel is waving to her standing at my feet in the photo above) and we stumbled upon a random meet & greet so Little Miss and my mum had their photos taken with Woody and Jessie. There were of course a lot more rides but Little Miss was just too young for them, the same with some of the other shows. I’m sad I didn’t get to go on the Crush Coaster or the Rock n Roller Coaster though.
I am 100% looking forward to going to MGM (Hollywood) Studios next year as I know there are a lot more things Little Miss will enjoy like The Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, The Muppets 4D and she may even be big enough to go on Star Tours (I have everything crossed for this since it was in FRENCH when I went on in Paris). There is also the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play park and not forgetting Fantasmic! Not to mention that of course she’ll be a whole year older! Hopefully should we ever return to Disneyland Paris (my dad is talking about 2016) I’ll be able to enjoy it to it’s full extent.
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