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If one of your relatives lives in a retirement home then you might well have wondered how to go about taking your children to visit. Some people don’t believe it’s an appropriate place for children, but that’s really not the case; taking your children to visit elderly relatives if they’re in a retirement home is incredibly important, and here’s some advice on doing so…
Don’t be worried about it
Children are incredibly accepting and understanding of what’s put in front of them. They might find it a bit of an intimidating place if they’ve never been there before but they will soon come around. If you’re anxious about taking them then your children will pick up on it.
It’s important to take them
As mentioned at the start of this piece, it’s important to take your children to visit your relatives if they’re in a retirement home. They will want to see your children and your children will want to see them, particularly if they’re used to seeing them outside of the home. It will also help them understand what retirement homes are for and increase their knowledge of what happens when you get older.
Talk to them about it
Springing this on your child might be a little overwhelming for them, especially if they haven’t been there before. Just talk to your children about where you’re going, who you’re going to see and what the retirement home is. They’ll then have it reasonably clear in their head about what’s happening and are less likely to be worried about going.
Explain to them an appropriate way to behave
Most children will no doubt behave impeccably, but some may need a little word in the ear before they go. For example, they should know not to run around the place if there are people struggling to walk, whilst there may also be people trying to sleep, so they shouldn’t shout too loudly.
Take something to keep them entertained
It’s no secret that children can get easily bored, so make sure you take a few things to keep them entertained. Take a favourite toy to comfort them if they are a bit worried about going, and also a few other toys, perhaps some drawing materials, to give them something to do. Some retirement homes might even have certain areas in which children can play; a retirement village, such as the Extra Careones, have all sorts going on, some of which your child may even be able to watch or take part in. Activity Village is a great resource for things to keep the kids entertained.
Keep the visits short
If you’re taking children with you then don’t make the visits too long, even if you and your relative might want a little more time together. As mentioned earlier, children can get easily bored and therefore shorts visits are the best way of ensuring they don’t become too restless.
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