MAC Alluring Aquatic Goddess of the Sea Lipstick Review

When I was at the airport last month I had kept some money aside for some beauty treats in Duty Free. I ended up buying myself Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight, a MAC concealer and this lipstick as I knew it was sold out everywhere and the packaging is just beautiful. I also bought my best friend Bee another of the lipsticks from the Alluring Aquatic collection
The first thing you can see from the photos is that the Alluring Aquatic collection by MAC doesn’t have the usual black packaging, instead it’s this gorgeous turquoise colour and appears to be covered in droplets. I have to admit that after seeing that close up, I was practically sold. Even the box was beautiful, and as turquoise and it’s various shades is my favourite colour, I really couldn’t say no. Plus it was sold out everywhere else! On the MAC website it is showing to be £16.50, but I paid £14. Although a regular MAC lipstick in Duty Free is only £12, so I’ll definitely be picking one up while in Heathrow in August. 

I am a big fan of the cremesheen consistency of MAC lipsticks, in fact I think all but one of my MAC lipsticks are cremesheen. I think for someone who suffers from dry lips this is ultimately the best formula as it doesn’t dry out your lips and it nicely covers any previous cracking. Cremesheen lipsticks go on so smoothly and I just generally love how they feel when worn. As for the colour, as you can see, it’s purple. I’m no stranger to purple lipsticks, although I usually prefer a more berry colour, however as soon as I put this on I was in love. I was so surprised that it didn’t clash with my hair and it actually makes the colour of my eyes really stand out. Despite it being a more wintery colour I have worn it already on a number of occasions over the last month, including my Joe Browns outfit of the day. As you can see from my swatch, although it looks scary in the bullet, it actually isn’t really that offensive. I’m glad I was brave enough to buy Goddess of the Sea. Plus, hello, the name? Possibly best MAC lipstick name ever! 
What do you think of purple lipsticks? Would you ever be brave enough to wear one?
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