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Brand of the Month – Disney Couture (& a Wishlist)

I’ve been wanting to do this particular brand as a Brand of the Month for a while now, but I couldn’t decide between having it as simply Disney Couture or Disney as a whole. However, after having a look around my house, I decided doing Disney as a whole would be a massive post, so instead i’ve gone for a rather big post about Disney Couture instead.
I have been a long standing fan of Disney Couture now since the brand was available to buy in the UK. Over the years I’ve managed to build up a nice collection of 9 pieces and I have to admit they’re definitely the most worn of all my jewellery. I love anything Disney/Princess/Fairytale inspired that still looks like it could be worn by an adult and Disney Couture definitely fits the bill! 
A few years back, Disney Couture seemed to cease production and I won’t lie, I was genuinely heartbroken! So I started seeking out pieces on eBay and managed to get a couple from the collection by Tom Binns for Alice in Wonderland. However now that the company has been bought out, it has now started producing some of my favourite pieces so far, pieces I desperately want to get my hands on!
Anyway, before I get into what I want, here is what I already own and the little story that goes with each bit.

Fairest of them All necklace (mark 2); I call this mark 2 as my first one broke and I had to replace it. It was a Christmas gift from my parents on my 20th Birthday and it was the second piece of Disney Couture I ever owned. It’s actually my favourite and definitely the bit I wear the most. It hands perfectly between my collar bones. It’s also discontinued so unless you hunt eBay for it you can no longer buy it which sort of makes it precious to me. I also love the whole “Fairest of them All” tag line that goes with Snow White and i have even considered it as a tattoo. 
Princess necklace; This was my first ever Disney Couture necklace and I got it for the Christmas that I was 18 (uhhh so 2006?) It’s so worn now that it’s starting to loose it’s colour and even a couple of gems but I really love it and still wear it. My dad picked it out as while growing up, I was the one obsessed with anything Princess related, all my Disney merch was of the Disney Princesses and they were the ones I wanted to met while on holiday. Even now, my parents still refer to me as a “princess” and my princess tendencies. It is now also available in silver, which I would dearly love and isn’t too expensive so maybe it could be one Birthday present before WDW! 
Key bracelet; I received this for my 22nd birthday from my best friend Bee. She had already given me some presents in the morning and then in the afternoon when she’d arranged a fantastic surprise Alice in Wonderland themed party she gave me this! It is definitely one of my most worn pieces, especially with it being silver so I quite often wear it with my Pandora bracelet. It’s from the Tom Binns for Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland inspired collection which I do have quite a few pieces from. Also Bee and I have always shared a love for Disney Couture, you can see her current wishlist of her blog
Fleur de Lis earrings; These are also from the Tom Binns collection. I bought these in the House of Fraser sale for £7 when I found out I was pregnant with LM. I used to wear them to work a lot but I haven’t worn them since I became a mum for fear I might get my lobes rip.
Believing is just the Beginning locket; The first of my eBay purchases. I bought this at the end of last year. As I’ve mentioned before 2013 was the worst year of my life and I wanted 2014 to be better (and so far it is!) so this locket became my mantra and I wore it on the first day of the year. Since having LM Tinkerbell has had much more prominence in my life and I really love the length this locket hangs at which is probably why I’ve included the new silver version in my wishlist below. It’s such a beautiful and simple piece. 
Drink Me Bottle necklace; This is another eBay purchase at the start of this year. I always loved this, again for it’s simplicity but it is so obviously Alice in Wonderland. The brass makes a nice change from the usual gold or silver. I’m not a huge fan of anything fussy especially if I’m wearing something patterned so this is perfect for those sort of days. 
Drink Me Acrylic necklace; When things weren’t going my way last year my mum offered to treat me to something. I had seen someone selling this on eBay for £14.99 buy it now including postage and I asked her to get me this. It was so much bigger than expected but I didn’t mind as it works perfectly as a statement necklace. I love the little bottle hanging down and the fact it’s so different from regular Disney Couture pieces. Again this is discontinued so I feel very lucky to own it, especially as Avril Lavigne famously wore it!
When You Wish Upon a Star bangle; Another Christmas gift from my parents, possibly the Christmas when I was 20 or 21, but don’t take my word for it. Another piece I genuinely love and would like in silver so I could wear it all the time. It has been worn so much that the latch is quite loose so I have to be careful nowadays. I love the fact it is also engraved inside with “love Disney Couture” I feel so thankful my parents bought it for me, they clearly went through a phase of indulging my Disney obssession! 
Pink Cinderella Leather Wrap bracelet; My final eBay buy and it was a complete bargain! I remember lusting after these leather wraps when they were first released but they we were about £70 and I didn’t think I’d ever own one! Then I won one for £10 on eBay! Also it’s Cinderella and I didn’t own any Cinderella pieces yet. It has the little mice on and lots of sewing related charms (I’m guessing because it’s pink like the dress they make her!) Another one you can no longer buy which makes me extremely pleased to have found it! I usually wear this when I wear gold as as I mentioned above, my Pandora bracelet is silver.
Alice Bottle Necklace £69, Zentosa // Believing is Just the Beginning Locket £45, Zentosa // Jiminy Cricket Necklace £49, Zentosa // Hakuna Matata Necklace £49, Zentosa
Ariel Cameo Necklace £49, Zentosa // Glass Slipper Necklace £86.99, Truffle Shuffle
Circle of Life Bangle £34.99, Truffle Shuffle // Pixie Dust Intertwined Bangle £79. Zentosa // Whistle While You Work Bangle £39, Zentosa
As you can see, a lot of the pieces here are in silver (or platinum plated), this is because although I don’t have a preference in colour of jewellery, I seem to have a lot more gold than silver and I would really like to balance it out. As I mentioned above, I really want the Believing is just the Beginning locket in silver as it’s one of my favourite pieces. And although I don’t really like The Lion King, I love the Hakuna Matata message necklace, especially the cute little Timon & Pumba hanging on the side. I have loved the Jiminy Cricket necklace since it was only available in the US, now that it’s available over here it’s made it onto my wishlist. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jiminy and “let your concision be your guide” saying. Now for the two necklaces I’m REALLY lusting after are the Ariel cameo, because I am so into The Little Mermaid at the moment, to the point of dressing up as her for comicon in a few weeks and the Cinderella glass slipper.. oh my god I think I’ve lusted after this for the past 8 years. Bee used to have it and I always wanted it. It’s so out of anyones price range so I doubt i’d ever own it but I can dream, right? It’s just perfect and such an iconic symbol of Disney! The final silver piece is this beautiful intertwining bangle set with a Peter Pan quote on, I’m a sucker for Peter Pan as I’m a sure you know. Finally the gold pieces, the Lion King bangle & the Snow White bangle, I’d love both of these to wear stacked, I think they’d look great! And finally the Alice bottle, again is something i’ve lusted after for years but it has always been way out of my price range.
Disney Couture is available in the UK from Zentosa (who are the official Disney Couture retailers for the EU!), Truffle Shuffle, Nettie Frolic, Accessories Online, Aquaruby & Little Bo’s Boutique.

Do you own any Disney Couture pieces? What collections would you like to see Disney Couture do?
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