We’re All The Boss with GiffGaff, My Boss Story

When I was contacted earlier this month about the We’re All The Boss campaign by GiffGaff, I was instantly on board as I think it will make such an interesting lifestyle blog post. 

For the first time in my whole life, I am 100% my own boss. Not just in regards to working from home, but I control my life completely. This is a huge deal for me and at first I was terrified I’d hate it, hate having no one else to make decisions for me.. but I have to admit, I love it. Before this home I had a home with a boyfriend, then an ex student rental that was falling to pieces and I shared with friends, then another boyfriend then student accommodation where everything looks like it came from an Ikea catalogue. The I lived at home and it was my parents say, even down to what we had in our room because they decided how the money was spent not me. And even then I shared with my sister!
For the first time ever, my house is exactly to my taste. Everything in it was picked out by me, the colour schemes are to my liking and what is on the walls is what I want on the wall. My bedding is floral, my towels are pink with cream polka dots, I have Disney ornaments on my fireplace and if I don’t do my laundry for a week, who cares? I decide on what groceries are bought and what meals we eat under my room. And yes, I do the sucky stuff like I do all the housework and pay all the bills, but in the end, it’s a small price to pay to make the decisions on the living environment for Little Miss and I.
One of the few upsides to being a single parent is that I get to make all the decisions in regards to my daughter’s upbringing. I choose how she is dressed, what toys she receives, how she learns and grows as a person. I get to choose what school she goes to and where she goes on holiday. I don’t have to split the decisions with anyone else. Although I wouldn’t say I’m the “boss” of her, I’m the boss of what goes on under our roof!
I work from home. I decide what hours I do and when I do them. I get to take my daughter to nursery and bring her home. I put her to bed every night and if I decide to leave all my work until 8pm and stay up until 2am to complete it, that’s my choice. If the work load gets too much because other things are happening I can decide to take time off. My days revolve around making Little Miss happy rather than what hours I’m working. And although I know deep down this won’t last for ever and that once Little Miss goes to school full time, I will have to go out and work full time and bring in a reliable wage rather than the unreliable one I live on at the moment. And yes I will have to go back to being responsible in a job, but hopefully it will be a career that I enjoy. I have worked continuously since I was 16, in some really awful jobs where I had no say.. this is a welcome break and it is truly enjoyable to be my own boss..
Finally, I am the boss of my own life. I decide how I live it, how I dress and who I spend time with me. This is something that I lost in my previous life. He took it over completely and dictated to every small part of it. He stopped me seeing my friends, cut me off from social media, complained when I wore make up, how I dealt with my daughter & tried to be a better person. I’m so thankful and appreciative of having the control over my own life back and I plan to exercise it every day. I dyed my hair bright red, I’m loosing weight, I quit my job to pursue something I enjoy, I took my daughter to abroad, I listen to my own music and what Disney all day. If I want a tattoo I can get a tattoo, if I want to home school my daughter, I can. I can do anything and achieve anything because for the first time in forever (haha) I’m my own boss and I won’t let anyone take that away from me ever again.
You can check out the campaign on youTube & read GiffGaff’s blog post here.
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